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Monday, April 16, 2012

True to my Procrastinating Ways

Last week when we were heading into town I spotted a DPS vehicle coming the opposite direction, as soon as he passed me I saw him make a U-turn and I knew he was going to stop me.  He was behind me for about a minute but it seemed like an eternity and I knew I was going to get a ticket for having an expired inspections sticker.  Lucky for me he passed me and pulled over a truck in front of me with paper license plates.

If you are ever in Del Rio and need to fix a flat or have your car inspected
I highly recommend this family owned business.

First thing on the agenda this morning was to get a new sticker so as not to get paranoid each time I see a law enforcement vehicle.  Second was to go to the post office to drop off my Income Tax Extension Form along with a check…you really did not think I was actually going to mail my completed tax return did you?  I will tackle that before October 15th, as I cannot go through what I did last year!

A lot of the bloggers I follow are planting stuff and their gardens are off to a great start.  I have a brown thumb but I decided to invest a dollar and bought me a Roma tomato plant, we will see how that goes.  Any bets on how long it will survive?

Gas prices are holding steady at $3.79 for regular unleaded.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. our gas prices are the same, and all the way to San Antonio, was too. Topped out?

  2. Glad you didn't get a ticket. The Roma I had here last year did OK until I put it outside. Didn't take it long to go after that.

    1. I'm sure glad I did not get one either.

      Hope my Roma survives ME :)

  3. My inspection expired in September and the Houston cops have no sense of humor! I was so happy to nfind your blog...via...stalking tffn. I will be back home in Sept and hope to see you when you come for the cook-off!

    1. Frann!!! So glad to hear from you and also glad you found my blog, even if that meant stalking Tffn :D

      In all the years I lived in Houston I never got a ticket for my expired inspection stickers, one year I went a whole year without getting a new one...shhhhh...don't tell nobody.


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