Terlingua Dreams

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Worm is Back!!!!

With the nice cool temperatures I hit the stores early.  Saw several elderly men in shorts and short sleeves and knew right away they had to be snowbirds.  Most of the locals had sweaters and warm-ups.  I wore a sweater and coat…I am not taking any chances on getting sick just three weeks away from my trip to Terlingua…no sirrie!

Unlike in Houston I do not frequent fast food establishments in Del Rio because I am fortunate to have my mother cook for me.  Since I had skipped breakfast decided to try a new sandwich I had seen advertise at Jack in the Box.  Did you know they now have this ordering machine or kiosk for lack of a better term in which you enter your order?  I really did not like that.  My Houston store does not have one since it is only a drive-thru.

If you are a Terlingua virgin attending your first cook-off one of the most important things out in the desert after plenty of water is having some form of shade. I have a screen room but it takes more than one person to set up and after the gale force winds of last year I think it would have bit the dust like my tent shower did.

I saw this a few months back and after lifting it up I do not know how they can claim it is light and can be used for backpacking.  Whatever I pack it has to be small enough to fit in a sedan and light enough for me to be able to carry it.  The reviews are 50/50 but I guess it too could not stand up to Terlingua winds even if I were to ratchet it down.

Remember a couple of months back I saw a fast moving dark brown worm in the back bathroom/shed/storage room?  Well this afternoon I saw it in the kitchen but could not find anything to beat it with.  It looks like a fat centipede about 9 inches long and fast moving.  In lieu of killing it I opted to scream and almost scared my mother to death!

It went in a back cabinet and try as we did, it did not come out.  I am freaking out as I sit in the kitchen, as it is the only room in the house where I can get a decent Internet signal. What bait do you put out for a centipede?

With the outrageous prices California residents are having to pay for gasoline, I guess I do not feel too bad for what we are paying in Texas.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Thx for the update on Walter,,,how does he look? Can't tell from his pic.
    Watch out for that centipede!! lol

  2. Walter has lost a little weight and has a lot of horse flies following him but other than that he seems to be OK.

  3. Five of us tried to put one of those shades up at Carl's corner north of Austin one time and the mid Texas wind mangled it before we could get it up. Good luck down here.

    1. Lol, on mangling it before you put it up! Reminds me of the first tent I ever bought. It was a 3-minute tent that took two guys helping me over 30 minutes to set it up :D

      I pretty much have decided against buying it, not a Terlingua worthy canopy.

  4. If you can get 8 ratchet tie downs I will help you tie it down.

    1. Are you talking about this shade canopy or my screen room shade tent?

      What size ratchet tie downs?


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