Terlingua Dreams

Monday, January 28, 2013

A Repeat of Yesterday

The weather was a repeat of yesterday... breeze and warm.  We had a lot of errands to run and wanted to get them out of the way before the cold front arrives on Wednesday.

Our first stop was the Driver's License office.  Though mother no longer drives it is still a good idea for her to maintain her license.  She had just passed her vision test when the system slowed to a crawl.  The young clerk told us that it was statewide and it was not allowing them to process payments.  Asked us to sit down and wait or come back later.  We chose to wait.

It is at times like this that I feel fortunate to live in a small town like Del Rio, where the lines are not long and I can come back on another occasion if I wanted to. My best friend had to take a day off from work just to renew her drivers license in Houston.

The only other person who chose to wait was a young man whom I could not help but notice from the angle of the picture on his license to be a minor.  I am sure he was happy that he could now get a regular grown up license.  I am so glad in my day there was no differentiation if you were a minor or an adult!

I wondered what chaos it caused in the Driver License Bureaus of the big Texas cities like Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.  During our wait several people came in, stood in line only to be told the system was down and they could wait or come back at another time...none waited.  After about 40 minutes the system was back up and we were paid up and out of there!

One of our other errands was to pick up chicken that was on sale at HEB...believe it or not...at Houston store prices!  That is one less thing I have to bring back next time I go home.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Why don't you just/sell your place in Housing and move permently to Del Rio?

    1. Too many reasons Dizzy, the main one being the housing market.

  2. Ditto, what DD said.
    Way back when I got my license, you could do it at 14. The full thing. Soo,, I did,,lol

    1. When I got my license you could get it at 16 if you took Driver's Ed.

      My father taught me to drive at 13 so of course I bugged the heck out of him so he could fork out the $30 fee for the course.

      The only reason I think he agreed was because at the time my mother did not know how to drive and he hated to take her to HEB (said women took too long shopping) :D


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