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Sunday, May 26, 2013

After twenty years...my luck ran out :-(

Yesterday as I was exiting San Felipe Lion's Park a Del Rio police squad car was pulling in.  He looked at me and I immediately knew that I was going to get stopped.  I turned right and left the park...he made a quick U-turn turned on his lights and pulled me over.

Why is it that when that happens the first thing they say to you is "do you know why I pulled you over?"  Now how many people are really going to own up to that?  Let's see officer...I think I was going 50 mph in a 30 mile zone?  How did you know I had a dead corpse in my trunk?   I have respect for all law enforcement officers but I find this one question to be down right ridiculous!

Yes, it was my fault I had an expired inspection sticker that I did not get to for all the car problems you are already aware I had.  He was a very young officer no more than 23 years old.  He asked me if I had been enjoying the park as he eyed the ice chest on my back seat.  Told him I had not...I was driving around town charging my battery.

I think the only reason he believed me was because my mother was with me or I think he would have asked me to open up my ice chest...which I was secretly hoping he would do...as I had plastic ice cream containers with horse pellets that I could not feed to the mare because when we got to the Duck Pond her owners were there.

So my record of not being pulled over and given a ticket for twenty years...came to an abrupt end :-(   The good thing was that he cut me a break and only issued me a "warning ticket"....thank you so much officer!

Mare Update

Before heading to the lake we went by the Duck Pond so I could feed the mare which I have named Claire.  There was a young couple who had driven their car into the property and as we slowly drove by...saw that the man moved her empty down ice chest from where it had been (see picture of my last post about her) to another location as he proceeded to get water out of the creek...that means she had gone without water for two days!  GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

However, this is not her owner it must be his son or some family member.  Decided to come back after our trip to the lake.

Claire is such a gentle horse it is a pity she is treated in this manner.  She seemed to appreciate her pellets.

Her eyes are red, have secretion and are dirty!

They filled her ice chest but it is still filthy!


  1. You are trying to save the world one horse at a time. You are a good person and some times you get a break, too. Like just a warning ticket.

    1. Thank you Dizzy...what a nice thing to say :)

  2. I think I know how you feel. I want to save all the animals too and I just can't. I know I can't but that doesn't make it any easier to walk away and know what's going to happen to the poor thing. We have a neighbor who has a chihuahua named Chica. We have her brother, Jeffrey. When I come home from work Jeffrey just can't help but set up a racket. That brings Chica to the window of her trailer. She pushes away the blind and looks out at me from the window and doesn't make a sound. But the eyes say it all. She never gets any attention and it kills me. All I can do is wave and say hello Chica. Her owners are two roommates that work on the resort property. They're both young and are always either working or going out to the bar. Jeffrey on the other hand is spoiled rotten. He's in my lap every chance he gets. At one point one of the young women, the proper owner, wanted to find a home for Chica and I said I would be happy to take her. Well, she changed her mind by that point and gave her to her roommate. Her roommate stated that she wanted her for protection. My reply (inside my head of course) was, "What? Protection? Yeah, I guess yer right, A small little furry pom-pom with teeth as a temporary shoe accessory has always been a deterrent to thieves, robbbers, and murderers". So now I just wave and give Chica the little bit of attention that I can. So I say, just keep on doing what you can for who you can. That's all that you can do.


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