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Monday, May 20, 2013

Shot Batteries / Mare Update

I was getting ready to drive into town got in the Toyota and it was dead...darn it all I just drove it Thursday!  This is the only "reliable" newer car we have!  Our cars are pretty old, I am talking 20 to 30 plus years old.  I have the habit of parking them with the motor facing the street in case I need to jump start them.  As luck would have it I did not do this on Thursday night nor did I do it for my mother's mini van that has been sitting there for two months with another dead battery.

This has been a very reliable battery probably has lasted 8 to 10 years
too bad they do not carry them in Del Rio.

Went to practically all of the Auto Parts stores in town and boy...batteries sure have gotten expensive!  A comparable battery is going to run me $152.37...I am sorry but that is ridiculous!

Headed to my local mechanic's shop and that poor man is having more issues.  This time he is the one with the health problems and was on his way to the doctor so I will come by another day.  Dad's old car better hold out...that's all I have to say :-(

Mare Update

The poor thing is still there but they have moved her dirty ice chest to another location.  They moved her rope so she can reach other areas she can graze on but it bears mentioning that there is not much left to do that.

She came up to me and I showed her I had brought her horse pellets in Walter's pink container (sorry Walter) but she didn't seem to know what they were.  After some encouragement she began to eat them but she kept on looking at me with distrust.  She ate everything though.

It became clear why there were two five gallon buckets by her dirty ice chest.  She is located by the Duck Pond the closest thing Del Rio has to a zoo and people come to  feed the ducks.  Then there is a little dam and this water flows down to the Rio Grande which is not too far away.  Her owners are apparently too lazy to bring city water so they get the water from here.

This is where they moved her ice chest to.

However the ice chest and water are still filthy!

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Batteries are not cheap, that is for sure. I may have to replace all four of my batteries in the motor-home soon. The house batteries are about shot but so far the two for the diesel still seem to work. I ran the generator on the way home from my west Texas trip to the Davis mountains. Since the generator is up front, that made the trip home a little more noisy than normal. But then I could run the roof AC's.

    1. I had no idea you had to run a generator to power up the roof A/C's of an RV in movement...

  2. For the car battery I'd go look at Walmart as to having to get jump starts have you ever seen those power packs for jump starting cars?
    You charge them up and take it to the car that needs to be jumped... I'm using this one as an example because it has a short URL, they sell them all over the place and from what I've read some research before you buy would be a good thing.

    I don't have one but have heard people say good things about them "in general", often as a 12vdc power source when camping out of a car or van.

    1. You can't depend on those. When you need em, they're never charged up, or don't work when they are.

    2. Rob I have one of those power packs and it worked great with my former vehicle as it had a problem and would go dead if I did not start it up everyday.

      However, I misplaced the plug to charge it so it is useless now.

      Used it in several occasions to go camping in Terlingua and even when we had a power outage I connected a lamp to it.

  3. Trouble - like I mentioned on my above comment to Rob my power pack came in handy on many occasions and it pretty much paid for itself many times over.

    Of course I always had it charged up and ready if I needed it.

  4. I used one of those Power Paks as the power source for my Teardrop trailers. I could then un-plug it and place it on the floor by the passenger seat and recharge it from the cigarette lighter outlet as I drove to my next overnight stop.

    1. That is why I liked my power pack so much but regrettably I lost both the cigarette lighter as well as the AC/DC one :-(


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