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Friday, June 21, 2013

It still stings...

Even after twenty-four hours have passed since the Spurs loss to the Heat...it still stings :-(

I know this might seem trivial to some but this area of the world where I live is known as Spurs Nation.  I have followed them for years always hoping they would have a good season.  The dream then was just to make it to the semi-finals.

The NBA Finals was a special time in our household.  Dad and I would watch them every year rooting for the Celtics, the Lakers, The Bulls and all the elite teams who seemed to make repeat appearances year after year.

When we finally won our first championship it was 1999...a shorten season due to the NBA lockout...the Spurs were written off as a fluke.  My dad was very happy that his team finally made it, unfortunately he was ill by this time and never got to watch them play.

Since that time the Spurs have earned the respect of the league.  Win or lose I will always be a Spurs fan and I thank them for the great season we had this year.  It was quite a series and the best finals I have ever watched to date.

I commend the fans in San Antonio for showing the nation how to be graceful in defeat.  They were prepared for the victory parade that did not come and instead turned it into a...thank you for a great season celebration...as fans rode downtown honking horns, waving flags and jerseys of their favorite players.  If you did not know any better you would have thought the Spurs won.

Was watching it unfold on San Antonio KSAT12  the anchorman said he was sad for the loss but upon seeing the fan reaction, it made him feel better and proud that even in defeat, we do not let things get out of hand.


  1. It's nice to see classy fans when so many towns have riots, win or lose. Sorry for your disappointment.

    1. Even in defeat Spurs fans are a classy bunch.

      As far as my disappointment...I will get over it in a few days :(

  2. I think it says a lot about the Spurs organization and what they do for the San Antonio community. Even people who are not otherwise fans of the NBA during the season love the Spurs come playoff time. Regular sports fans might call them bandwagon fans, but in San Antonio, you can feel the camaraderie, the spirit that, even the people who can't afford to buy season tickets or pay for floor seats during the play-offs, feel like they are part of the team.

    Yes, San Antonio rarely needs an excuse to party, and when it comes to Spurs celebrations, I don't worry about burnt cars or broken windows. Puro San Anto!

    About game 6. That was the heartbreak. The Spurs won that game and in the very last seconds, a combination of poor decisions (Monday morning quarterbacking here) and no calls (Manu was mugged!) saw the only real chance to win slip away. I was very hopeful in game 7, but I knew it was all but over.

    Even though we lost, that was one of the best Finals I have seen, ever.

    1. Very well said Dave especially coming from a Spurs fan who lives and works in the San Antonio area.

      Game 6 was just devastating and while the Spurs are one of the few teams that could have pulled off a come back...they are not youngsters anymore.

      If it haunts me and I am just a fan...imagine how it must haunt the players and the coach who have to forever live with the decisions they made, the turnovers, the clutch free points that did not go down, and the non-calls by the officials.

  3. I ain't never liked basketball. In fact, you could say I hate basketball. But....I was there, glued to the TV screen, cheer'n on the Spurs. Cuss'n a little too. The Spurs is to Texas like the Cowboys are to Texas. That's our teams. I don't necessarily like football neither.
    Hmmmmmm, does the Cowboys still play?

    1. Oh Billy Bob you always manage to put a smile in my face :)

      I guess the Dallas Mavericks, Houston Rockets and Houston Texan fans would beg to differ but at least in San Antonio and in West Texas we love our Spurs and Cowboys (I no longer follow football either).

  4. MsB, I'll have to side with BB on Basketball. As for the Med attention goes it will be in the morning at the VA clinic in Odessa. I didn't want to make it known I wasn't in Terlingua on my blog because of recent events. ;)

    1. Thank goodness Tffnguy!

      Thank you for letting me know because I have been so worried about you. Not just me...you have a lot of cyber friends that care about you and that is evident just from reading your blog.

      Take care my friend :)


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