Terlingua Dreams

Saturday, July 13, 2013


After running around like a chicken with my head cut-off on Thursday I had this strong sensation to go visit my mechanic.  Call me crazy but every once in a while I get these vibes or gut feelings that I have learned to not ignore.

When I got to his shop he came out to greet me and invited me out back in the shade and pulled me up a chair.  For some reason he always whispers and even though I have good hearing I could not make out what he was telling me until later.

He is re-married but when he got a divorce his ex-wife got the house which is next to his shop.  I knew she was not doing well but since I do not buy the local newspaper, I had no idea she had passed away and was buried the day before.  We talked for a long while and after listening to him...I realized that my problems are trivial and superfluous by comparison.  Sometimes one needs to listen to what other people are going through to see how fortunate one really is.

When I got home I looked up the online local newspaper edition only to see a birthday and name and no portion of the obituary unless I paid to be able to read it.  I do not know why they do that to some obituaries and not to others.  We have three funeral homes in Del Rio but only the newer funeral home has a web page where you can read the full obituary and not part of it like the online newspaper version.

Upon reading the obituary section, I learned that I lost not one...but three of my classmates and the mother of another one.  Now I know we all have to go sooner or later and I am not exactly a spring chicken anymore but when three classmates die within the span of a week...it makes you wonder just how long you might have left to live.

Had to take mother to the ER yesterday for the second time this week.  It is no wonder people would rather drive to San Antonio or San Angelo rather than put up with Val Verde Regional Medical Center incompetent personnel.  Why do people have to be dying to be seen by a doctor?  Since when have Nurse Practitioner's become the norm?  That is all I am going to say about that!

Some lucky person being flown to a real hospital in San Antonio.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. I don't think any one is lucky if they need to be flown to a hospital. Hey, don't feel alone, I have lost a lot of class mates. The first one lost his life in Viet Nam.

    1. I meant lucky in the sense that they do not have to put up with the poor care offered in the Del Rio hospital.

      From what I overheard his family members saying...his wasn't a life or death situation. From the staff point of view they were glad he was gone.

  2. And I still don't know what is wrong with ur Mom. Plz forgive me if it's too personal to ask.
    I still count my blessings even at my age, because there's others lots worse off and usually younger.

    1. I answered you in the post where you asked me the first time. She is experiencing severe back pain, she can't lay down to go to sleep, is barely able to walk.

      They have no idea what is wrong with her and they don't address the pain issue. My mother does not like medication, will not take aspirins or any sort of pain pills...but has been downing Tylenol to help alleviate her pain...something she would not ordinarily do.

      I am hoping her doctor who returns from vacation tomorrow will be able to see her.

  3. I received all my medical services from the VA Hospital in Reno, NV for about 10 years. In that time I was 'treated' by 5 different interns and only saw a Doctor one time when he came in to confirm something that the intern had not either done correctly or not at all.
    For the last 3+ years I have been seen by a Nurse Practitioner at the VA Clinic in Pahrump, NV and I am just as pleased with her as I was with any of the interns. I also had a Nurse Practitioner/Medical Officer for my health care while in Bulgaria with the Peace Corps and she was better than most doctors I have ever been seen by.

    1. Count your blessings Ed...you do not know how fortunate you are.

  4. Again hope your mother is doing ok!

    It is bad when several classmates die close together, but I'm like DD and lost loved ones way before Viet Nam, friends during that and many family and friends after that. I think of all the babies, young kids and young adults that have died and never really got to experience life. I feel real thankful to have lived as long as I have, but in some cases I also feel saddened that I couldn't have traded places with some of them so they could have.

    1. I am hoping Mom will be able to be seen by her doctor real soon.

      Told her I would share the Tequila bottle I bought for Terlingua to help her deal with the pain...she gave me a "go to hell" look :D

      David you are good person to have wanted to have traded places with some of your departed thankfully that is not possible and we have you in the here and now.


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