Terlingua Dreams

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Back to procrastinating

While I love living in Del Rio...there are some things I miss about living in the big city... like.the post office being opened on Saturday.  I know it is my fault for not wanting to drive in the rain and leaving everything to the last minute but I really needed to have a letter postmarked...oh well :-(

Ran a lot of errands this morning but I have no pictures to show for it because I somehow misplaced my memory card.  The cheapest gasoline price was at the new Stripes $3.14 a gallon with their debit card and $3.17 without it.  For some reason half of the pumps had the yellow "out of service" bags on them.  Have no idea why but I was not about to wait in line at the available pumps (patience is not one of my virtues) so off I drove...maybe I will fill up Monday?

Needed to make a trip to the dreaded laundromat but that place was jammed packed!  Another item that will have to be postponed.  What I can not postpone any longer is getting all my tax documentation together so I can take it to my CPA.  I have the October 15th  tax deadline looming bigger and bigger as each day goes by :-(

If my procrastination were not bad enough...my CRS has decided to give me a run for my money as well!  For the life of me I can not find my mouth guard, not even the old one and I have misplaced the medications I  recently purchased in Mexico!

I really need one of those sheds I often feature on the blog so I can bring some form of organization into my life.  However, I have to weigh whether I want it in Del Rio or in my future place in Terlingua as I obviously can not afford one at both locations.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. LOL...I love it when you procrastinate. You go girl!!!!

    1. I think you are the only person in the blogsphere that can understand my procrastination...I do not know if that is good or bad?


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