Terlingua Dreams

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Trash / A/C repairs / Water Catchment

Been up and at it since early this morning.  First thing was to put out the trash only for the trash truck to not show up.  Then I remembered a while back when I broke down and actually bought our town newspaper that stated that when there is a holiday your pick-up day is delayed.  Guess none of my neighbors read the paper either because everyone had their trash cans out.

The A/C people called to let me know they were coming to install the new part.  They finished right in the nick of time as the skies opened up and we had a wonderful rain event.  They took off running and never told me how much I owed them!  Guess it is free? :D

Seriously these folks gave us a good price on the unit we purchased two years ago, come on the day you call them and are very professional.  When they tell you they will be there in 30 minutes they mean it unlike the plumber or the Triple A guy who obviously have different ways to measure time.  Amistad Heating and Air Conditioning have the Terlingua Dreams seal of approval.

It was obvious it was going to rain so I put out my buckets and storage containers.  I also made use of my smaller buckets.  Per Weatherbug we got .44 of an inch and the temperature dropped 20 degrees for which I am very thankful.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. It's a sad comment on things when actually showing up when you say you will is worth a positive mention!


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