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Monday, October 21, 2013

The return of Mata Gatos ( Cat Killer)

I was up before sunrise because I had so many errands to run today.  Whenever my mom takes a nap or after my uncle calls every night I put our landline telephone (yes, we still have one of those) on Do Not Disturb so it will not ring and wake her up.

This afternoon I needed to try to find many of the things on my list to take to Terlingua and that I believe are in Terlita (my camping van).  Was busy opening plastic containers as well as boxes when I noticed someone opening the gate and walking towards the garage..WTH...I am nearsighted and can barely make out people's faces from the distance even with my contacts on!

What do you know it was Mata Gatos (Cat Killer) and his wife whom I had never met.  A bit of history on this character for my new readers...this person is my mother's handyman but in reality he is not handy at anything.  He is a jack of all trades and master of none.  He is a school bus driver and during their off time (Christmas, Easter, Summer) he comes around wanting to do odd jobs.  That would be good if he only knew what he was doing but most importantly got around to completing the job.

The reason I named him Mata Gatos (Cat Killer) is because I have a deep suspicion he and/or his son had something to do with the disappearance of my beloved 14-year-old cat.  At the time I was in Houston dealing with my own worthless handy person and my mother did not have the heart to tell me of his disappearance.

For example he will come mow and do the front yard but he wont show up again for another month or sometimes longer to do the backyard.  He is totally worthless and I thought I had gotten rid of him but since his bus route includes this area I guess he saw that Walter (the horse) was missing and he wanted to come cash in.

His excuse was that his wife had made "caldo de res" and since he heard mother was sick...wanted to bring her some.  Said he had called but no one picked up...told him she was asleep but thanked them both for thinking of her.  Then he asked if the horse (Walter) was still coming around because our grass (weeds) were so high.  Told him he had just gotten back after a 66 day absence.

You should of seen his face drop!  Hopefully he wont be back for a while!

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. So, I guess Walter is better than the "handy man". That girl in your header picture looks like she had a face lift that went terribly wrong. . .actually, she is kinda cute.

    1. My God Dizzy I almost choked upon reading your comment...jajajajja....a face lift that went terribly wrong....jajajaja!!!

      Her mother is the blond lady on the left and I believe her sister or friend is the girl with the red wig on the right. All three were very nice and friendly ladies from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This was the first year they decided to dress up.

      Little Walter is one hundred times better than Mata Gatos :)

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  3. Get it right Billy Bob....try again.
    I kind of like old "machos grachos" Shoot, if'n he's trusted to deliver kids home in a school bus, he's bound to be trusted to mow grass...an' weeds.
    Good to see Walter back home from his Caribbean cruise.

    1. It is not whether or not he is trusted to mow grass...it is how long it takes him to get around to doing it. I am surprised the kids get to school at all!

      Lol, Billy Bob...I will have to tell Walter he went on a Caribbean cruise :D


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