Terlingua Dreams

Monday, November 18, 2013

Warm temperatures

Yesterday it got to 88 and today we reached 84 degrees...though it was on the cloudy side.

Not the first time I had a run in with this cacti but it certainly was the last!

I accidentally stepped on a thorny cacti and it still hurts. I dug it up and then started pruning some other variety of equally thorny bushes.  I have been wearing my long sleeve sweat shirt when I go outside as the mosquitoes have been biting with a vengeance.

You will experience pain...believe you me if you step on one
of these...especially wearing flip flops 

This afternoon I had had enough!  I went and got my Ant and Roach spray and believe it or not...it helped. Wish I could use it inside the house but my mother is allergic to all sorts of sprays.

I am very tired and my arms ache.  I think I will turn in early for a change.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Get some rest,,,lol. and watch those cacti.

    1. I did get a good nights rest but my foot is still sore :-(

  2. Every time I got into a fight with a cactus, I was sure not the winner.

    1. Have yet to meet someone who can say they were victorious over a cacti...at least mine will not get a second chance :D


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