Terlingua Dreams

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Finally ventured outside

We were out of milk, eggs, bread and countless other items.  I could no longer put it off so I bundled myself up and headed to WalMart.  I think I arrived during a lull and was in and out of there in no time flat.

Found a new product or at least it is new to me, as I had never seen it before...NyQuil Severe Cold and Flu.  It was even on sale for $6.97.  Whenever I have gotten the flu...I have come to rely on NyQuil...hope the same still holds true and I can finally kick this bug.

Even though I have some, heaven knows in what tote or box my face masks are located.  I use them when I operate the weed eater but now I need them to keep from passing my flu to my mother or other individuals when I go out.

Home Depot had some but they were mainly for painting and heavy duty stuff like sanding.  Did not feel like I wanted to pay $20.00 for them.  How I wish we had a Harbor Freight Store where I could pick them up for a dollar for a pack of four.  Sometimes, I sure do miss the big city :-(

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Do you have a drive thru Walgreens?

    1. No Walgreens in Del Rio...closest one is 70 miles east of here in Uvalde, Texas :-(

  2. hope you are feeling better Ms B.

    Little foot is just now getting over her cold...seems like a lot of folks under the weather lately.


    1. Hope Little Foot is feeling up to par. I unfortunately still have my cold :(

  3. I have been down way over a week. Still coughing my head off.


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