Terlingua Dreams

Friday, April 4, 2014

Lost in the highways and by-ways of San Antonio, Texas

Wednesday we made another trip to San Antonio, Texas.  As you know I am not very fond of coffee but when I am driving long distances I have no choice but to drink it or fall asleep on the road.  Recently discovered something much better...Smoothie Cappuccino served iced cold and sold at the new Stripes.

I am glad we got an early start and that it was a fairly cloudy day.  Had forgotten what it was like to drive in heavy traffic and to encounter delays due to accidents.  I guess living in Del Rio has made me soft.

The place we were going was only a block away from where we went last week.  However, being in the Medical Center area there are a lot of buildings and offices but managed to get to the right place. Lucked out as they decided to take mom in before her scheduled appointment.

Tried to take a picture of a gas station not located on the freeway where gasoline is priced higher but only managed this poor excuse of a photo when we were at the stop light.  Price was three cents lower than in Del Rio.

Since mother had to be fasting for her PET Scan, she was famished!  She got to once again eat at Luby's her favorite cafeteria but this time at a different location from the one last week.  I told the lady server that she wanted a Lou Ann special ( a small portion at a special price) but I guess she must of thought my mother really needed to eat....jajajajaja!  No, she did not eat it all...we brought more than half of it home.

By contrast look at what I ate :-(

Quite by coincidence we ended up across from a Super Target in Balcones Heights.  One of the things I miss most about Houston is shopping at Target, Academy, Harbor Freight, Staples and the .99 Cents Only Store. Bought a trunk full of paper goods and decided to head back home.

This location is rather tricky with all kinds of overhead bridges and I ended up heading west on I-10 though I came in on the 410 loop.  No problem I thought, I can easily catch the cut-off to Del Rio.  Got to Boerne, Texas but did not panic as I know there are some back roads that can get me to Hondo but darn it all...I never saw them.  When I got to Welfare, Texas (never even knew such a town existed) pulled over to where a sheriff's car was parked, he suggested I turn around and head back to San Antonio and forget the back roads.

I lost a lot of time being lost and it was rush hour to boot.  I was never so happy to see this sign pointing to highway 90-West.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Is that liver and onions??? LOVE that. When i go to a Lubys, i have a hard time deciding between that and their fish.
    BTW, what was she seeing the doc about? Hope all is well. Can't be too careful tho.
    Do you ever use a GPS?,,
    Gosh, lots of questions today,,, sorry, lol.

    1. Yes, those are liver and onions she loves them too...I hate liver! My mother did not go see the doctor this time, she went in for a Pet Scan at another location.

      I do not own a GPS nor do I have any idea how to use one. I am technologically challenged...I am better off using paper maps but those are in my house in Houston...so they are of no use to me :-(

  2. I hate having to drive in and around any big city, and have gotten lost too many times to count! Glad you made it safely and hope you don't have to go back any time soon.

    1. Having driven in Houston traffic all my adult life and gotten lost countless times at the beginning, I thought it would be a breeze to drive in any other city. How soon one forgets all the chaos involved.

      The next time she sees her doctor it will be in Uvalde, Texas a town 70 miles from Del Rio.

  3. I don't think it really takes long to forget about driving in traffic. Glad your trip went well, all in all. It would have been better not getting lost but you did make it home!

    1. You are right on both accounts Rob.


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