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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Civic Duty

As I type this it is raining. It has been so long since I actually heard rain falling on the roof. In this area of Texas, we need it badly.  When we were headed north on 277 on our way to San Angelo the other day, I was sadden to see an almost dry lake bed in the area where fellow blogger OFM Barney used to fish.

In Val Verde County we have two hotly contested run-off elections and since my leg was not bothering me too badly, decided to drive down to the County Courthouse and cast an early vote.

There were two other primary run-off elections statewide and lord and behold could not believe Kinky Friedman garnered enough votes for a run off !  OK...I hate to talk about politics especially in a blog...but I just had to mention that.

Dizzy Dick commented that Kinky took in and fed animals. You all know how I feel about abandoned, abused and underfed animals.  If you care to read about his rescue organization here is a link http://utopiarescue.com/

It was hot and humid (yes, it gets humid in the desert sometimes) it got to 91 degrees today 32.7 Celsius.  Stopped at the new Stripes to see if the coffee smoothie machine had been fixed and it had.

Went to buy a couple of items at HEB and as I was placing them in my car I heard a man's voice from behind saying " you are Belinda, right?"  I did not recognize the voice and for a split second thought it might be someone that recognized dad's car from the blog postings...and here I did not have a lick of make-up on :-(

Lucky for me, it was only a friend of mother's!  The gasoline gas cards are back again at HEB, I believe they are giving an .11 cent discount whereas Stripes gives you .03 cents off.  I really hate having to buy these cards but if I can save .11 cents per gallon it might be worth it with all these out-of-town trips we are going to be taking.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. From what I know of Kinky Freedman, I like him. Anyone who saves animals and keeps and cares for them at his own expense, is all right with me.

    1. One thing about Kinky is he does have name recognition in his favor. I think it would be a hoot to have him as Texas Agriculture Commissioner but it is unlikely he will win against his Republican opponent.

      Here is a link to his official webpage

    2. Thanks for the comment Dizzy. Have updated my post with a link to his animal rescue organization.

  2. I figured 277 was dry from the lake level readings. Thanks for the official report.

  3. I only know of Kinky Friedman from reading a few of his books, written years ago. I quit reading them because of his overuse of the "F" word - I don't mind it once in a while when it adds to the impact of a sentence or idea. But he loved it so much he would use it several times in one sentence. I hope he's a better politician than a writer. (His books were pretty funny though.)

    1. I remember you mentioning his books on another post. In his official webpage he now sells his e-books. He also sells audio books narrated by him.

      Would not mind reading one but it will have to be one available at the library.


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