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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Went on a killing rampage

Many area cities and nearby towns got a lot of rain...whereas officially in the past seven days Del Rio only received .94 of an inch in precipitation and 1.16 for the month of May.

Uvalde, Texas in some areas got as much as 9 inches and San Angelo 3 to 5 inches.  So glad we did not have a doctor's appointment there this week.

Have not been able to sleep in a couple of days...that is until last night, got 13 and a half hours of sleep and would have slept longer but I had a lot of things to do before the Spurs game tonight.

This afternoon I went on a killing rampage...an ANT killing rampage...since the recent rains new mounds have popped up EVERYWHERE !!!  I used up all the poison I had and still did not get to even half of them.

Yesterday I sat down to watch the Pacers vs Heat series but turned it off thinking the Pacers were going to lose.  What a surprise to see they won, hope as much for the Spurs tonight.

If the Spurs do not win tonight at home, I do not hold out much hope for them...it will be Deja Vu 2012.  While we lost Game 4...I have to be proud of the second string players that almost got it to within reach.  Just have something to say...did we not acquire Matt Bonner for his three point shooting?  Then why was he passing that ball like it was a hot potato?  Why did he not even attempt a shot?

Yesterday I caved in and got a gasoline credit card from HEB.  What I like about a card from here is that they let you charge it to your credit card whereas at Stripes you have to pay cash for it.  Regular gasoline was selling for $3.38 with my .11 cent discount card I got it for $3.27 a gallon.

Well folks I have to go watch my Spurs and cheer them on.  GO SPURS GO!!!


  1. If you run out of fire ants to kill there, come on over and have a great killing spree.

    1. Will keep that in mind Dizzy :)

      Nothing would make me happier than to be able to go to Houston for a few days. It has been 14 long months since I have been home.

  2. Game five was amazing - but it's back to OKC tonight. Like you, I thought the play of the bench players at the end of game 4 was fantastic. Pop was brilliant to pull out the starters so early. I even sent my son a text in the 4th quarter telling him to turn the game back on (he had given up at the start of the 3rd quarter). I was really hoping for a good come-back, and at least the bench made the game a little closer.

    I really expect Spurs lose in OKC then back to SA for a win. I hope I'm wrong and they wrap it up in OKC tonight.

    1. I agree Game 5 was fantastic, OKC came in very confident and we just pounced on them. They may be younger and more athletic but we have experience and wisdom on our side.

      OKC has his back against the wall, it is do or die for them today, so you know they will come out blazing. I think unlike other games this one will be close but we will come out victorious. I sure hope so because Miami already sent the Pacers home and is going to have a long rest.


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