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Monday, June 2, 2014

Aborted Trip

After we got back from our trip to the neurosurgeon in San Angelo, Texas last month I sat down to input all the information on my calendar.  It is there that I realized that his nurse had scheduled both the MRI as well as the office visit for the same time.

Called his nurse and never got a return call.  Call the next day and got another nurse who "re-scheduled" the MRI to an earlier time. I knew something did not feel right and I should of followed my gut instinct.  Fast forward to this morning. We were about out the door when the telephone rang and it was the doctor's office wanting us to be there an hour and a half earlier as he had an afternoon surgery. Told her that was not possible because mother was scheduled for her MRI at that time.

The person I spoke with was an office worker not the nurse.  She told me to take my mother to the hospital earlier as she was sure they would take her in and then to come by the doctor's office.

With all the CT, X- rays and MRI's my mother has had throughout the years...if there is one thing I know is that...Radiology Departments rarely if ever will take you in ahead of time, especially in a large hospital.

This time I followed my gut instinct and called the Radiology Department directly. Glad I did because come to find out they never changed the time for her MRI, it was still as scheduled which would have been too late to see the doctor as he would be in surgery.

Fortunately I got a person that actually knew how to do her job and she told me to sit tight and not come to San Angelo until she got this matter resolved with the neurosurgeon's office.  Shortly thereafter got a call from his office re-scheduling both events.

Amazing how this very efficient lady in the Radiology Department of Shannon Medical Center whose name I do not even know had to get involved to do the job two incompetent persons failed to do. My heartfelt thanks go out to this lady.

I am so glad I did not re-schedule the appointment we have with her other doctor in Uvalde, Texas as I was afraid the back to back trips would be too much for her. Since we were all dressed up and with no where to go decided to drive into town and run a couple of errands.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. "All dressed up with no where to go" would make a good song lyric don't you think :-)
    I'm glad it worked out...

    1. Now that you mention it...it sure would :)

  2. I just hate to get all dressed up and then have no place to go. In fact, I hate to get all dressed up what ever the occasion. My motto, "take me as I is". (grin)

    1. Once I retired I quit dressing up. I know my mother would like to see me in suits and dresses again...but that is never going happen...like you, they have to take me as I am :D

  3. It happens to the best of us. I really have no idea what has happened in Dr. offices, they just can't get it right sometimes. Good Luck Belinda!

    1. Hi Carmen. I often wonder if all of these errors and inefficiencies have always existed but I am just now finding out about them. These mistakes involve people's lives...if they don't like their job...find work in another field.

      This is nothing in comparison to what we have had to go through these past couple of years...I could write a book!

      I appreciate the visit and the comment.


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