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Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 2014 trip to Uvalde and Hondo, Texas

I called the propane guy yesterday but he had out-of-town deliveries and could not make it until today. Told him we were going to Uvalde so to please schedule us for next week.

Early this morning got a call from him asking if he came by would he still catch us at home...told him sure, as we were not leaving until around 10:00 a.m.  At least that is one less thing off my to do list.

The winds did a number on the Esperanza.

Was hoping to get some more pictures of the purple sage, this time heading down highway 90 East, but the few pretty patches that I found, I would have needed to get closer and the grass next to the shoulder was high.  Now you all know what lurks in that high grass don't you? Yep...snakes...yikes!

This tree has long been dead but with the recent rains
we got a new baby tree growing in its place.

I really like mom's Uvalde doctor, he is a peach...very kind, knowledgeable, considerate and courteous.  Told him about her worthless San Angelo neurosurgeon...he told us not to worry...he would find a good doctor to take care of her back pain.

We had to run an errand in Hondo, Texas 44 miles east of Uvalde.  There I saw that regular gasoline was $3.33 five cents less than Del Rio and with the .11 cents HEB discount card saved .16 cents per gallon...the equivalent of paying $3.17 per gallon.

I was so tempted to drive the additional 42 miles to San Antonio.  I so miss shopping at Target, Academy, Harbor Freight and Anna's Linens :-(   If it had not been the day before a long holiday weekend and that late in the afternoon...I think I would have done so.

As we drove into the driveway noticed that my neighbor's step-son had come home for the weekend.  Oh boy...we sure are in for some rowdy times.  Late this evening I heard the sound of a lawn mower and saw his step-dad mowing the area outside of mother's fence.  Nice guy will thank him tomorrow.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. I've been watching patiently for results on "mom's" back pains. I need all the help I can get on different procedures.
    Tell "mom" I hope she will soon be pain free.....or close to it.

    1. I have not said anything about the results of her back pain or her worthless neurosurgeon because I did not want to influence you or any other person either negatively or positively.

      As you know mother's back pain problems stems from osteoporosis and not because she injured her back over the years carrying stuff that was too heavy for her as in your case.

      The San Angelo doctor performed two vertebroplasties...the first only made her pain free for two weeks. The new stronger bone was too much for her lower vertebrate and she had to have another surgery...same result.

      He wanted to operate her again last October but mother decided to give the fracture a chance to heal on its own. Supposedly the MRI showed that is exactly what happened but I find it hard to believe.

      That neurosurgeon told us that there was nothing more he could do for her and alluded to her age...hell she was the same age ten months ago! Had he been forthcoming then, I would have found someone else.

      Other than rest and pain pills he can not offer other solutions.

      Mother thanks you for your kind wishes and wishes the same for you.

  2. How wonderful that the doctor will find a good doctor for your mother's back pain. I hope you needed a full tank of gas at that price!

    1. All my hopes are centered around him to find said doctor Gypsy. I hate to see my mother in pain.

      I filled up my car to the brim but Hondo is 112 miles away so used up some on the way back.

  3. Snake boots for the grass. Gas is still $4 a gallon down south. :( Good luck to your mom on finding a good doctor.

    1. I definitively need to get me some snake boots, but I think if I saw a snake strike my boot...I would pass out from fright and it would end up biting me anyway :(

      Gas prices have always been high down there, guess they have to make a profit for transporting it so far.

      My mom and I thank you for your kind wishes.


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