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Sunday, August 24, 2014

A big welcome to Mair

I want to welcome Mair to the blog roll.

Mair is a lady with building skills and is also handy with tools...something I so like to see in my gender.

She has recently become a landowner in my favorite desert and hopes to one day call Terlingua home.

I wish she would consider starting a blog as she is a very good communicator and I am sure many people would be interested in following her journey.

Welcome aboard!


  1. I wish Mair the best and also hope she starts a blog. I have never been very handy with any tools except for the basic ones, and I really admire a woman who can build, remodel, and the like. So here's a big salute to Mair!!!

    1. A woman that can build and remodel is worth her weight in gold. I have a lot of admiration for anyone who can do that...in particularly if that person is female.

      OK guys start teaching your.daughters, nieces and granddaughters some building skills...wish someone had taught me :-(

  2. Mair sounds like she'll arrive there equipped to handle anything she faces. I hope her arrival there goes according to plan - her services will, I'm sure, be very welcome in the area.

    I agree - it sounds like I, too, would enjoy reading her blog - the idea is certainly appealing to the tomboy in me ;)

    Please let us know uf she starts a blog.

    1. I have no doubt Mair will be able to handle that tough Chihuahuan desert. She has the mind set and the skills to do it.

      You heard it Mair...there certain would be interest in a future blog.


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