Terlingua Dreams

Monday, August 11, 2014

Podiatrist / Library / San Felipe Springs

What is it about me that when I do not have to go anywhere in particular, I have insomnia...yet when we have an appointment or a place we have to be at, at a given time...all of a sudden I get sleepy and usually over sleep?  Such was the case today.

Against all odds we made it on time to the downtown clinic I dislike to see the only podiatrist in town for a follow up visit.  To my surprise there were hardly any people and we were in and out in record time.

It was another 102 degree day, 39 Celsius.  Since we were already downtown decided to go check out the progress at the future library.  Hummm....what progress?

 No wonder it is going to take them two years to build it!

Not far from the library is San Felipe Lions Park.  Drove by to see how many people were enjoying the cool spring waters.  To my surprise no one was in the water.  They must of been home hiding out in the A/C.

I was thirsty so stopped at my favorite convenience store for an Icee but here they call them Slush Monkeys.  Noticed the price of gasoline had gone down.

 Price with a Stripes gift card...

This afternoon Walter paid us a visit.  I was so happy to see him...but you will have to read about that on his blog :)  http://mylittlewalter.blogspot.com/

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. I am not surprised that no one was out in that over a hundred heat!! I would be snuggled up to an air conditioner vent.

    1. When I was a teenager and we still lived in town I was would walk to the creek to swim especially on a hot day

      The kids now days are spoiled, they sit in their air conditioned home in front of the TV, playing videos or surfing the web. Nobody walks, rides their bikes or goes swimming anymore!

    2. Darn I am so afraid to hit Preview for fear of losing my comment that I no longer check my grammar.

      Please delete the would WAS...it should read:

      When I was a teenager and we still lived in town, I would walk to the creek to swim especially on a hot day.

  2. And barefoot too! On the hot asphalt. No problem. We was tougher back then. Or dumber? Hope you're getting rain today, SS!

    1. Lol, Andy about the only thing I have not done is walked barefoot in the hot asphalt :D

      I guess our generation was a combination of both...tough and while I would not call us dumber...perhaps more of a risk taker?

      While not as much as you guys. we did get some much needed showers this afternoon.

  3. Do you have a library in the meantime while they build the new one? I just took a bunch of books to donate and checked out about 5 books to read. I have books all over the place!

    1. Yes Gypsy, we do. It is the brick building in the background. This town has waited a long time (45 years) for a new library facility and I sure wish they would hurry it up.


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