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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hope your team won

I no longer follow football and besides there was no team from Texas or even the South in the big game tonight.  As you know I severed my ties with Time Warner Cable a couple of months back. BTW to the person that e-mailed me that the game was going to be carried on national TV and not cable...in Del Rio if you don't have cable you have a blank TV or you have to settle for the free channels that are beamed to the border from Mexico City.

There was so much hype about the game and the half time show on Mexican TV that I decided to watch it.  It did not disappoint unless of course you were rooting for the Seahaws.

Spurs Brother, if you are reading this...did it not take you back to our game 7 loss in 2013 to the Miami Heat?  I have always questioned why Pops had Duncan sitting on the bench. It was a rather bitter memory. I think Seahaws fans will question that last minute play as well.

Hope your team won!

Good night,  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. I was thinking about that Heat game yesterday but not because of the Seattle mistake. Still haunts me. I. like you have no team to root for since Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys. I was also an Oiler fan til their owner moved them. The new Texans have never appealed.

    I watched the game on the internet last nite. My old fashion rabbit ears don't pick up the local NBC station. I don't pay for the higher speed so some times the picture freezes but picks back up later. It was good enough and was an entertaining game (spectacle). Didn't see any of the commercials.

    Poor Orlando Wednesday are gonna GET IT! GSG!

    1. Would you believe that I didn't watch it?

    2. Instead of rabbit ears you might try an amplified antenna like this one


  2. It was on but I wasn't paying much attention to the TV. Jeannie, Donald & I were over at the kitchen end of the room gabbing and snacking.

  3. I have no idea why Blogger is not letting me answer individually, so I am going to do it separately.

    Sb - I guess Game 6 of that debacle that was the NBA 2013 Finals hunts me more. We were on the verge of winning, we were ahead, the area had been draped.off and the trophy was about to be presented with only seconds to go, the Heat fair weathered fans were leaving in droves....dang, I think I don't want to remember any more! :-(

    The Orlando Magic lost tonight, let's hope they do not try to take out their frustrations out on us!

  4. Dizzy - I believe you. I know you are into car racing.

  5. Gypsy - if I had been at Jeannie and Donald's house I would not have been paying any attention to the game either. Your son-in-law cooks up wonderful meals!


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