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Monday, February 2, 2015

Measles / House Fire / Gas Prices

Today we had to go to the local hospital for mother's monthly blood draw as well as an X-ray. Got to watch CNN as we waited.  Had no idea the measles epidemic was that bad or how easy it is to contract it.  Kind of scary particularly because we frequent hospitals and doctor's offices.

Did you know that an infected person can leave a room and someone that walks in up to two hours later can still become infected?  Not news I wanted to hear :-(

On January 23rd there was a house fire in which a lady tragically died.  My mother thought it was the wife of a friend of my father's. Today we drove by there but it wasn't the person she knew.

The lady was in her late 70's and lived alone. The space heater caught on fire because she had a lot of things in close proximity to it.  Things like this really sadden me.

It appears that gasoline prices are once again on the rise.  This afternoon in our way into town this was the price at the local Exxon.

A block away HEB had the following price.  I commented to mother that I bet when we made our way back home they would have raised it.to match HEB...sure enough that was the case.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. The Ebola story disappeared and was replaced by the measles story. The Ministry of Propaganda (Media) wants the sheeple of this country to remain in constant fear. I guess that sells advertising space/time?

    1. Ed, while I do not agree with you...I respect your opinion.

  2. I remember having measles as a child, being kept in a room with the shades drawn to keep the light down, but I don't remember much else about it - probably close to 69 or 70 yrs ago! I can see why the health community wants all children to be immunized, but then they aren't doing a very good job of explaining the risks (or no risk). To start, they could give a good explanation of what caused the surge in cases of autism following measles vaccination some years back. They just say, no, there is no connection, but parents need more than that. I don't think I could take the chance if I was the mother of young children - I'd have to have them vaccinated.

    You might check with your Mother's doctor - I understand that there are many people who think they've been immunized but actually aren't, although I'd think most of us of a certain age would have had a case of the actual measles when we were young.

    You knew the gas prices would have to go back up - consumer confidence be damned when it comes to the average person - we can't let those oil executives see a drop in their bonuses.

    (I'm on a rant this morning! Sorry 'bout that.)

    1. No apology needed Gypsy. I think I have mentioned before that you and I must have been related in a prior life because we have so many things, ideas and values in common.

      You bring up many good points and as usual I am in agreement with you.

  3. I remember being sick & feeling real bad, this was 1959 or 60 maybe, well before Dec 1960 for sure. I had measles, mumps & scarlet fever.
    I remember the doctor coming to the house.... All my kids were vaccinated.

    I remember in the early 60's standing in a LONG line at Maunawili elementary school in Kailua (Oahu) Hawaii with my while family getting a sugar cube with the polio vaccine on it. They walked up the line putting a drop on the cube and putting the cube in your mouth.
    You remember history or you repeat it....

    1. "You remember history or you repeat it.."

      Very, very true!

    2. Uh oh....my CRS kicking in...what vaccine is that scar on my upper left arm about the size of a dime? I thought I took my polio in a sugar cube also.

      I was supposed to stay in a dark room with the measles ('62) but snuck outside to play in the sunshine when my mom went to the store and needed glasses the following year. Coincidence? No one else in my family was 4-eyed.

    3. Sb...your comment made me chuckle :D

      If it is the scar on my upper left arm...then I guess I'm OK. Wait a minute...I went to find it and it is no longer there! How can a scar disappear?

      I remember having a really mild case of it when I was five or six years old and going to school...oops!

    4. Had to come on early because I remembered overnite it could be smallpox?

      GSG tonite

    5. I asked my mother and you would have thought she had had a dozen kids! I am an only child for heaven sake...she does not recall what vaccinations I had in my childhood :-(

      I guess it could be smallpox as I remember my dad had a vaccine scar on his left arm as well.

      My computer is giving me fits but this is something I need to research.

      The Orlando Magic did not roll over and play dead they fought till the very end. So glad we pulled a win tonight!


  4. The round scar on the shoulder of most of us older folks is from a vaccination for smallpox. The United States stopped vaccinating the general population in 1972, but continued to vaccinate military personnel.

    A licensed vaccine to prevent measles first became available in 1963, an improved measles vaccine in 1968. Vaccines for the mumps and rubella (German measles) became available in 1967 and 1969, respectively. The three vaccines (for mumps, measles, and rubella) were combined in 1971 to become the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine.

  5. Thanks, Ed. That clears up some questions I had since I had mumps and measles and chicken pox prior to '63. I am officially an old fart!


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