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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March 2015 trip to Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico - Part I

Tuesday, March 3rd I finally ventured back across the border to Mexico.  The last time I was there was this past September when I went to stock up for my trip to the chili cook-off in Terlingua. When I got back in November I was trying to recoup as well as catch up on everything that went by the wayside while planning said trip.

Folks if you are considering a trip to Mexico, do not plan it during Thanksgiving, Christmas or the first couple of days in January.  On January 6th, Mexico celebrates "Los Reyes Magos"...the Three Wise Men, who are the equivalent of our Santa Clause.  Unless you relish sitting in traffic for over an hour (usually more) on both sides of the International bridge...make it on another date,

My first stop was with mother's dentist. With her catching the flu from me, we have had to cancel several doctor's appointments...this one is pressing as she has been off Plavix for a while in anticipation of an extraction.

Then a quick check down Exchange Rate Alley to see the dollar buy/sell rates which are always better than the official rates at the banks. I was not looking to buy or sell dollars on this day, just wanted to get an idea of the going rates.

If you like Mexican candy this store that will more than satisfy your sweet tooth and at a great price. I do not have a sweet tooth but I was waiting for the light and took the photo op.

Gutierrez was my main destination as they have all sorts of Cuaresma (Lent) specials at this time of the year.  They also have the best prices on Tuesday's in what is known in many Mexican stores nation wide as Tuesday of Fruits and Vegetables.

You can not bring across many fruits so I just bought bananas.  However, I bought a lot of vegetables at absolute bargain store prices.  My stash included three kinds of onion, broccoli, cabbage, chayote, serranos, nopales (cactus), cilantro, squash, tomato, and carrots.

Then I headed to Bodegas Aurrera which is owned by Walmart.  Do not bother to buy fruits or vegetables here as they do not have a good selection and their prices are way too high for those items. However, they have good prices on other things like bread, tortillas,cookies, jello, dairy (milk and yogurt), soft drinks, pasta, dish washing liquid, toilet paper and soap.  If you like liquor this is the place to buy it...much cheaper than the liquor stores that cater to tourists.  They also have colorful carts.

This store is located inside Plaza Bella.

I am not really into movies but next time I will check out their prices and see how they compare to US prices.  Of course you will have to tell me how much it costs to go to the movies these days. You can catch 50 Shades of Gray in Spanish :)

I began this post at 11:35 p.m. last night and it is now a little past 4:15 a.m.  Computer problems have plagued me...so what else is new?  Will write a part II or III depending on circumstances :-(

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. I have never been to Mexico. Are things really that less expensive? It would be a three day drive for me. . .

    1. Yes Dizzy, they are. You have to bear in mind that in Mexico their average minimum wage is paid as a daily rate and not hourly like in the US.

      With an approximate daily rate of $70.00 Mexican pesos divided by an exchange rate of $14.00 a Mexican wage earner makes the equivalent of $5.00 USD daily.

  2. I'd give just about anything to go to Mexico.

    1. You have several border crossings in California but avoid Tijuana. No matter the season it is at least a two hour wait at the International Bridge.

  3. Great post! Hope you stocked up for arctic blast coming!

    Cincuenta sombras de grey = pornografia! LOL

    GSG - I got invited to game tonite - supposed to be front row floor. We'll see.

    1. That was another reason for going, needed to have a lot of vegetables to make caldo de pollo and caldo de res along with my sopita. I was tired of paying HEB prices.

      Lucky you being able to see OUR SPURS up close and personal. Take pictures Sb and enjoy the game.

      GO SPURS GO!!!

  4. It's nice that you've managed to take a few hours and stop by at the dental clinic. Our oral health may seem infinitesimal almost to the point of irrelevance compared to the affairs of the rest of one's day, but it pays to really give a bit of time or two for that, and deal with accruing problems and issues with it immediately. Anyway, I hope that your teeth are doing fine and that the extraction brought great results, if you've already undergone it. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you!

    Benny Murray @ Dental Care of South Jersey


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