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Friday, March 20, 2015

What a week!

This has been a very hectic and trying week.  Three doctor's appointments, one out-of-town and one this afternoon during a heavy downpour.  Though I am grateful for the rain, we got in the neighborhood of an inch with more expected for tomorrow.

Our appointment with the Uvalde doctor is improving, last month we had to wait five hours to see him...this time four hours and thirty minutes.  People were pretty upset and were voicing their opinion.

While we like him, sometimes I think we would be better off driving to his medical practice in San Antonio.  We could make a day of it by shopping afterwards and spending the night at a local hotel.

One positive has been that the repairs on the road that leads to this sub-division will extend for a couple more days.  If I had my way, I would wish they would never re-open it.  It has been so peaceful.  Neighbors have been walking in the afternoons with their kids, dogs and many riding their horses without fear of getting run over.

I tried to answer a couple of e-mails but I am not having any luck using IE.  Please bear with me, I will try to go to the library sometime next week.  Forgive the delay and thank you for taking the time to write me, I sincerely appreciate it.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Spurs Corner

This week has also been a little trying being a Spurs fan...we will not mention what game I am referring to but I almost had a heart attack!  That is what I get for gloating about Lebron and his team's loss.  Karma can be a b*&#h...:-(

Very happy with the outcome of the last two games, though they were not games for the faint of heart!


  1. I was thinking about yall yesterday around noon as they were showing heavy rain and lightning around Del Rio. I know it's a pain when you have to be out and about during those spells. My roof is leaking right now because of neglect so that's a pain also! (Just need to caulk in a coupla areas.) Our boys had a bad game up in New Yawk but they are on track now to go undefeated the rest of the season with momentum to go through the playoffs and win #6! GSG

    1. It was pretty bad yesterday and worst yet that we could not locate mother's rain coat! Decided to cover her in towels instead, lol...she would kill me if she knew I actually said that on my blog :D

      At least your roof leak is an easy fix.

      It is a good thing I am not a betting woman or I would have lost my shirt off. Of the past three games I would have bet the house that we would have won against the WORST team in the league!

      While I am not as optimistic as you are about winning the remaining games in the regular season...I have high hopes for the play-offs.

  2. Sometimes doctors are a necessary evil. Stay away from doctors if you want to stay well.

    1. Unfortunately they are a necessary evil and next week will be my turn :(

  3. I'm sorry but a 4 hr wait is unacceptable. I'd either drive to San Antonio like you mentioned, or find a different doctor. Maybe his patients in S.A. also have to wait a long time?

    Maybe if we closed a few roads here and there and made them only for walking, bike riding, horse riding, etc., we'd all be better off. I know they have trails for that purpose but they aren't wide enough and of course the person walking has to give way. The bikes go so fast they could kill a walking person if they hit them.

    1. The first two appointments were in San Antonio and if memory serves me right we had a two or three hour wait.

      He is an excellent doctor...very caring and compassionate that is why he has so many patients but I wish he would arrive in Uvalde a lot earlier than he does.

  4. Hey Ms B., I was in Uvalde too yesterday (Fri). I can't exactly put into words why, but I really like that little town & always try to detour through there if I can. The atmosphere there makes me think of it as the S.Texas version of Mayberry or something and the ginormous trees in the middle of the streets always make me smile.

    For those who've never been there or ventured off of Hwy 90, I'm not talking about trees in the medians - they have those too. Nope, I'm talking about how you'll be driving down a straight street and come upon a massive Live Oak right smack dab in the middle of the pavement and you have to scoot around the trunk with inches to spare.

    I don't know what the story on those is, do you, Ms. B? I can only guess when they were laying out the grid system back in the early days, maybe they had second thoughts about chopping down their most ancient oaks to accommodate the grid and decided to preserve them in place, traffic efficiency be damned?

    But I think the town's charms would wear thin even with me if I had to wait five hours for an appt. every time I visited.

    1. My mother loves Uvalde, she was hoping my dad had gotten the job he had interviewed for. Uvalde is known as the "'Tree Capital of Texas" or something to that effect. Do I have any readers from Uvalde who can shed some light?

      On prior posts I have shown some of those trees right in the middle of the road. The city goes to great lengths to protect them. One that comes to mind is the one located on the side street next to Walgreems.

      There is a beautiful huge oak tree at the Derksen lot that I have also featured in numerous occasions when I have gone to check out the sheds and cabins.

      The long waits are not fun but they are for the sake of mother's health and that makes the wait time tolerable.

  5. haven't checked in on you in awhile so I thought I would just say HEY!

    1. Hey back Mr. Rat!

      With my computer issues I have not had the opportunity to visit a lot of my favorite blogs or even update my own blog.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  6. Just a big HOWDY from the blood-shot red eye mule !!


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