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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Things could always be worst

The last week of April was pretty busy with appointments and our monthly trip to Uvalde.  This time we only had a 3 hour 55 minute wait.  Heard the receptionist call a patient to tell her to come down as the doctor would see her next.  Of course, that only works if you live in town.

Sitting there for long stretches of time you can not help but listen to the conversations around you. Folks, believe it or not I always come out of it feeling better because there is always someone worst off than you or your loved one.

There was this tall, nice looking gentlemen probably in his early 60's, he had this gray hair long pony tail look going for him and filled out his jeans very well :)  You would have never guessed he was sick by looking at him.  He had to take care of both his parents because his two siblings were too busy to help out yet they were not too busy to go on vacations overseas.

His parents passed away within two months of each other so he was finally able to look after his own health issues. He had a kidney removed in the past only to find out he now has cancer in the other one, he needs hip replacement on both hips and other stuff that I don't even recall...yep, things could always be worst :(

Was finally able to stop at the Derksen building lot.  Noticed that prices have taken a considerable hike.  It is a good thing I always take a picture of the building and the price.  At this rate I am probably better off giving everything away...easier said than done!

There is a new Derksen building lot in Del Rio.  Noticed it back in March, it is in the east part of town next to some storage units.  Was going to stop for a quick look but the grass was too high and you know what lurks in high grass!

Anyone watch the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight?  What a rip off!  I am so glad I watched it for free...definitively not worth the $100.00 price tag.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Spurs Corner

Even though we are no longer in the playoffs, I am very proud of OUR Spurs and all the thrilling as well as nail biting moments they gave their fans up to the last second of this season...literally...the last second!

On one of the local San Antonio stations Ursula Perry turns to the other anchor person and says "I do not know who am suppose to root for now...do I root for the Rockets?" The anchorman (I think his name is Steve) calmly looks at her and says "No"....jajajajajaja, that was priceless!

OK, Rocket fans don't get all out of sorts now :D

While the Spurs are no longer in contention, I still love the game of basketball. I will continue to watch the playoffs as I root for the underdog and/or for the opponents of those teams that I dislike.


  1. I wouldn't even watch it even if it were free or they paid me to watch. Not into that kind of sport. Top Fuel Drag Racing is the sport I love.

    1. I am not into boxing either but with all the hype and being that it was free along the US/Mexico border...I decided to give it a shot...a real waste of my time (thumbs down).

  2. Coincidentally read this post while trying to muddle through the reams of paperwork to initiate healthcare coverage after returning to the States. Much worse than just waiting to get seen.
    Thanks for following us on our trip.

    Scott from WanderWheels.com

    1. Hi Scott!

      I have to thank Barney of OFM Adventures for hooking me up with Wander Wheels. It was a true pleasure to have had the privilege of following you and Sarah on the trip of your dreams.

      Best of luck with your healthcare coverage as well as in your future endeavors.

  3. Good take on OUR Spurs! We are in agreement - they let gm 6 get away and paid the consequences. I missed gm 7 because of a wedding reception. Understand it was a battle! Not sure my nerves and guts woulda made it thru that. I am pulling for the team the beat the SPURS to win it now - Doc is a good guy and former SPUR and they have a good team. There's nothing about the Sprockets I like even if they are from our state. Now I DO like the Astros.........

    1. Game 7 was a roller coaster. Mother knew I was watching it in my room and even though I had the door closed, I must have been screaming louder than I thought and she came to see if I was alright.

      I too am rooting for the Clippers...sorry my Houston friends :)

  4. I could not wait 3-1/2 in a doctor's office. I just wasn't born with that kind of patience.

    1. If there is someone that has no patience and hates long waits...it is I. However, specialists are few and far between in this part of Texas in particular oncologists.

      You have to travel three hours to San Antonio or San Angelo to see one and the wait is almost as long. I write down the wait time as a reference as my blog is also my cyber journal not necessarily to complain. I have come to terms with the long wait as my mother's health and well being is of utmost importance to me.

  5. Oh if we could only had Game 6 back. But Game 7 was truly great basketball and the reason why they play the game. It was down to the last second. Oh sure, we can complain about the poor officiating in the very last second, but the game is over and our guys start vacation.

    That lofted cabin looks nice. Put in a toilet, shower and a a small kitchenette and you'd be living high on the hog! Amazing what they are doing with this whole tiny house trend. Really good uses of space.

    1. I agree with you Dave, Game 7 was great basketball. Both teams left it all on the floor and CP3 made an almost impossible buzzer beating shot. We can always look forward to next season.

      Yesterday I discovered that there is a Tiny House segment on HGTV and the prices are not as affordable as the ones at the Derken building lots.


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