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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Congratulations Golden State Warriors!

What a great NBA Finals it has been, it certainly lived up to the hype and then some!  Forty years is a long time to wait for an NBA championship and the Golden State Warriors certainly deserve it.

Congratulations to Andre Iguodala for being named the MVP of the NBA Finals.

Congratulations as well to Steve Kerr, a very well liked and respected former player and assistant coach with the San Antonio Spurs.

What can I say about Stephen Curry better known as the "baby face assassin"?  This young man has a phenomenal future ahead.

As short as this post is, it took me over two hours to be able to publish it last night.  Then had to revise it this morning. I apologize for the picture quality but as you can see I snapped the pictures off of my TV...real high tech, I know!   Nothing but the best for my readers :D                      


  1. I am not much of a sports fan, but your enthusiasm is catching!

  2. SPURS woulda swept the Cavs.....again.
    jk- you gotta get there first.

    1. I will probably take some heat for this but I am going to say it anyway...I do not know what I enjoyed the most...seeing the GSW win or the Cavs loose :)


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