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Saturday, October 31, 2015

October 2015 trip to Ciudad Acuna, Mexico

I have been trying to go to Mexico for a while now but something always came up to prevent me from doing so.

Last Tuesday after being on my death bed thanks to that DISH guy I decided to go to the doctor. One good thing about doctors in Mexico is that they do not require appointments (except for my dentist) and you are seen on a first come first serve basis.

An hour and a half into the wait his nurse announces that the doctor has been called on an emergency so he would not be seeing patients until the following day...too bad I already had plans and it involved a doctor's appointment for Mom so that was that.

I really wanted to go to the beauty shop but there was no way I was going to spread my germs around even though I was wearing a face mask.

This month they opened up a new Aurrera (owned by Walmart) in Ciudad Acuna.  This branch is located in the city and not out in the suburbs.  I have featured Aurrera before on past posts, it is a big store inside Plaza Bella Mall.  I do not think this store is as large as the first one but then again I could be wrong as I was not able to find it....just as well as I was feeling lousy and decided to come on home.

The peso to dollar exchange is at an all time high, which is good for us Americans but not so hot for Mexicans buying dollars.  The lines were long and lucky me...I got a 'woman officer".. I saw her and I wanted to vomit!  I went to school with this woman and she was as ornery then as she is now.

This is not my first encounter with her and I am beginning to think it's personal.  My ex-worthless mechanic had a son that joined Border Patrol and wanted to be stationed in the Del Rio sector but was told that was not possible because it was his hometown.

My current mechanic has a daughter that is an ICE agent and like this woman works at the International Bridge but in Laredo, Texas for the same reason as above.  Why is this woman, who I know for a fact is a Del Rio native stationed in her hometown?  OK, end of rant!!

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. So you had to go home, and will now have to go back to see the doctor? That is really a shame in itself, but to have to deal with a jerk border officer just makes it worse.

    1. Yes Gypsy, I will have to go back to see him.

      One goes to Mexico gets treated great by Mexican Customs and all the merchants and vendors. Then you come home and your own government employees treat you like dirt.


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