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Thursday, December 17, 2015

An early but productive day

Yesterday I woke up very early (for me) as something kept nagging at me...and it wasn't my mother...jajajaja :D

The telephone had been out since Sunday. I made an online appointment which was confirmed TWICE by Verizon via e-mail...it stated that the arrival time would be 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

I took out the trash early and opened the gate in preparation for their afternoon arrival as I was also going to head down to Stripes to buy breakfast.

All the neighbor dogs started barking and I heard the motor of a heavy vehicle...sure enough it was the phone guy!  Went outside to greet him and to let him know that I had an afternoon appointment and that my mother was asleep.

He stated that he could come back in the afternoon if I wanted but he was more than sure that he would not need to come inside the house.  With that cleared up, I told him to go ahead.  Sure enough the problem was at the pole, the wear and tear on the cable had snapped the line.

In reality it was a blessing in disguise as it wasn't even 9:00 a.m. and the problem was solved. Decided to take advantage of this and tackle the dreaded trip to the laundromat.  I spent a little shy of four hours there.  You do not know how good it felt to strike that off of my To Do List.

Once again I can not wish you a good night and Terlingua Dreams as it's morning...so have a great day instead.

Spurs Corner  

We are playing so good!  With a comfortable lead in the fourth quarter Pop is emptying out the bench and showcasing the talent and future potential of these young players.

Go Spurs Go!                          


  1. It seems like i was just yesterday that you posted... this is just great!

    Productive days are good! Glad you got your phone back.. I know one other person with a land line too!!

    1. Only one other person? Definitively, I am a dying breed :(

  2. Glad your phone is fixed!!! A 4-pole connection that still worked had me grin as my friends and relatives make fun of me and my old flip phone and NO TEXTING. I am in the stone age but your setup made me smile - do you still have a rotary dial? hee hee - sorry, that was mean. Love what's going on in SPURSville!!! GSG, Sb

    1. "I am in the stone age but your setup made me smile - do you still have a rotary dial? hee hee - sorry, that was mean."

      Yes, it was :(

      Jajajajaja...kidding...that made me laugh....:D

      Go Spurs Go!!!


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