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Monday, April 18, 2016

Computer/ Weeds / Parade

I bit the bullet and finally purchased a new computer.  It sat in the corner for eight days as I was having second thoughts.  This past Saturday I decided to finally set it up.  I would like to say that it went smoothly but I would be lying...you know how bad I am with technology :-(

For years I put off buying one as they were equipped with Windows 8 and I can barely navigate around Window 7.  This Windows 10 from my point of view is not any better. Where are my e-mails?  It forced me to set up a code to have access to it...but I can't see them!!!

I want to set up Chrome but it wont let me.  Blogger is telling me "the browser I am using is unsupported and may result in unexpected behavior".  So I have no idea how this post will turn out.

I have come to the conclusion that it is not so much my old computer or this one for that matter that is slow...it is the darn Internet connection.  I do not recommend DISH Internet to anyone.  For that matter I do not recommend DISH TV either.  Last night I was watching a game and surfing the web when the signal went out and it wasn't even raining that hard...glad it was after the Spurs game!

I went to feed the dogs this morning and noticed that the weeds around Pedrito's tree were getting big...so I grabbed my Hulla Hoe and went to work.  That inspired me to try to clear up more weeds. The weather was perfect, cloudy and breezy.  I even tackled the weeds and darn baby mesquite growing on the street side of the fence.

I felt a sense of accomplishment. However, I think I might have over done it...my back, arms, legs and hands are killing me. 

As I type this I am watching the 75th Texas Cavaliers River Parade taking place during the Fiesta celebrations in San Antonio, Texas.  It was in jeopardy of not taking place due to the rains. Hope to one day be able to take that and other Fiesta events in person.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Spurs Corner

The playoffs began Saturday April 16th and I have been in hog heaven since. My prediction for this first round is a sweep of the Memphis Grizzlies.

Kawhi Leonard was named NBA Defensive Player of the Year for the second consecutive season.  A well deserved honor for this exemplary young player that has a very bright future with the Spurs.

GO SPURS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. We have been soaked with heavy rains over here in the east part of Texas. Everything is soggy but the frogs are sure happy. They are sing very loud tonight.

    1. Saw all the flooding in the news this afternoon. I am worried since a lot of rain came down by where I live. Hopefully I can reach some of my neighbors tomorrow.

      Take care and enjoy the frogs singing :)

  2. Hope your house is OK over there. Got an email from my brother over there who couldn't get to work and wrote that the weather guy said the rains dumped 240 BILLION gallons of water over the area...enough to equal 88 hours of the flow over Niagra Falls. If you have ever been to Niagra Falls then you know this is A LOT!

    Go SPURS, need to finish off the depleted Grizzlies in 4 and rest up for the Thunder who will be a worthy opponent.

    1. I was only able to reach one neighbor this morning but she is always heavily sedated and has not left her house in days. However, it appears only the back part of the subdivision got flooded.

      Never been to Niagara Falls but 240 billions gallons is definitively too much water.

      Last night I watched the re-broadcast of the Mavericks vs Thunder game and wow, they almost lost but the basket did not count since time ran out. The Thunder fans were in shock. They will indeed be a worthy opponent.

    2. No SPURSsister during the most important time of the year. ((((sigh)))))

    3. Sorry SPURSbrother have been having a heck of a time trying to post using the new browser that comes with Windows 10. Since it takes me around 20 minutes to be able to get my old computer to go online, I gave up trying :(

      You are right this is the most important time of the year. Well we swept the Grizzles as predicted and I can hardly wait until this Saturday.

      Been staying up later than usual watching the re-broadcast of other Eastern as well as Western games. I am thinking mother might be right...I might be a tomboy...jajajaja :D

  3. I have always hated getting a new computer and dealing with a new look and feel of it. It wouldn't be so bad if they updated what the computer can do, but why is it necessary to change the way everything looks. I guess it keeps software developers busy, changing colors and moving things around on the screen.

  4. I am converting my Dell XPS18 to Windows 10 right now too, so I empathize totally!

    Generally I prefer it, because they streamlined a lot & got rid of many of the gimmicky clutter from the 8 era (adios, infamous "charms"!) but I'm not happy with the email notification system either.

    You will see in the Live Tiles in the mailbox tile if there are any new emails waiting.[See tiles by clicking start/windowpane button lower left corner] But I'd like to see the icon in my taskbar - & you have to pin it there manually - change colors & show a number or something.

    You've probably already discovered this, but just in case not: in order to get the "chime" and banner notification when emails come in, click on your mail app to open, find the little gear for settings & click, and when that pulls up click notifications. There you can turn on & off the chime and banner and for some people - including me - all that was not on by default & had to be turned on.

    If you are like me, you may want to extend the length of time the banner that comes in from the right side of your screen to notify you an email has arrived displays. To extend that, click the start button (window pane left lower corner) select settings, find "Ease of Access", select "Other Options", and there should be an item about 3 options down to "Show Notifications For" with a drop down menu for anywhere from 5 sec to 5 min. I extended it, but as I'm getting more used to the system I will probably decrease the time again.

    Just wish the mail icon pinned to our taskbars changed like the Live Tile to show unopened emails.(Alas, just as I'm writing this I know via my open ancient ipad that I just got a gmail I was expecting , but even the Live Tile on my superfast Dell with its newly upgraded Windows 10 doesn't show it's there! Arrgh!)

    Also wish that when we open the mail app we wouldn't have to open the all accounts icon to see all of our email accounts at a glance - I'd prefer that was the default or they'd let us make that the default configuration.Have you figured out any way to do that yet?

    Sigh. This is why I waited forever until I had a long block of time to bite the bullet & do this. So much adjusting & tweaking & learning to get it to where we feel comfortable with all of the little quirks.

    Best of luck to you with this mess on your end! I'm probably much more tech-challenged than you are & I will have to keep my nose in this thing all week just trying to get even halfway back up to speed.

    1. Leilani, long time no hearing from you!

      Girl, I do no not believe for a minute that you are more tech challenged than me...doubt there is anyone worst than I in that department.

      Thanks for the tips with regards to setting up the new e-mail but it will have to wait until after the NBA playoffs. For now I will be checking any activity on my old Windows 7 computer.

  5. No doctor appointment nor lab results report?

    My blood draw was on March 28th and doctor appointment on April 4th. Cholesterol numbers a little high but HDL was very good. I have been on reduced dosages of medication for high blood pressure for about the past 18 months. At this doctor visit I was told I could come off ALL blood pressure meds and took my last pill on 13 April.

    During that 18 months I was reporting my blood pressure readings to my VA care provider about once a month with reading taken every 2-3 days. It was very easy for me since I had a spreadsheet where I would enter the readings. Then about 6-9 months ago I put all the readings in a SQL database and wrote some PHP code that would generate the report and all I needed to do is run it, cut and paste.

    I hope you received good news but since you said nothing I suspect it was not all that good.

    1. Hi Ed, good to read you. Congratulations on your lab results and going off the high blood pressure medication.

      Have tried on several occasions to make a post with regards to my test results using Windows 10 with no success. You are however right, they were not good.


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