Terlingua Dreams

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Good-bye June

Can you believe half of the year is gone?  I don't know about you, but I sure hope the next three months go by just as fast.

The heat is just unbearable even in an air conditioned car.  Had to make a trip to the post office and to Stripes to pick up some dinner.  I have had it with salads so tonight I had a chicken plate with green beans.  It came with red rice and a flour tortilla (which I can't have) so it will be shared with Tammy, Pedrito and Oscar (the dogs).

There was this older gentlemen in front of me who you could tell was not from these parts. He ordered "lasagna" the lady server told him that they did not sell that.  It's right there he pointed...he meant "enchiladas"...for sides he ordered okra and corn.  Oh well, to each his own!

I need to find new upload options for my pictures or remove Dropbox from this computer. Even though I followed the instructions on a YouTube video, I was not able to disable it as my first option. What I really need is to pay a professional to do it for me but I am too cheap to hire one.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

NBA Corner

While I knew the most coveted free agent Kevin Durant would be interviewed by the Spurs...my question is why?  He does not fit into Pop's system, we play team basketball not individual super star basketball.

Another thing I did not see coming was Dwayne Wade wanting to be a Spur?  Give me a break!


  1. I gotta say - I don't think they will follow through with any of the rumors the sports guys are saying. Wouldn't mind seeing Pau Gasol in silver and black, though.

    I have a friend who's in early 70's with HBP and high cholestrol and refused to get on statins or blood pressure medicine - instead he fasts 2 days a week (600 calories) and is doing great! His doctor is amazed. May be something to think about. (He's not a big salad guy either and enjoyed Cooper's BBQ brisket and sausage with 2 beers for lunch with me yesterday.)

  2. In the end I think Durant will stay with OKC because of the money. Realistically the only other team that has a chance to sign him are the Golden State Warriors.

    Brisket, sausage and 2 beers...dang. sign me up :)

  3. No, no, no, I don't want the 2nd half of the year to go by fast! I just turned 75 and now have only about 5 months to go until 76. I think I lost a few months this year - have they done something to the calendars?

    1. The only reason I want the time to go by fast is to get some relief from this heat. Though in Texas our summers last longer than the official season.

      Oh those dreaded birthdays...I quit having them at 29...:-(


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