Terlingua Dreams

Thursday, July 21, 2016


Tuesday after not having heard back from the surgery coordinator at the cataract center I called and left a voice message.  I also sent them another e-mail from their web page. By four o'clock I was tired of waiting so called again. Finally this incompetent coordinator answered...I have no clue how this person ever got hired.  Did not even acknowledge my prior messages or e-mails.

The only good thing was that he finally called in the prescription for the eye drops she is supposed to be applying three days prior to the surgery.  I am definitively going to let that woman eye specialist who recommended this eye doctor know of all the trouble I have had to go through. She is the type that reprimands her staff in front of everyone...something that I find totally unprofessional...so I am sure she will let him know.  For the record, I did not choose her either...the Del Rio ophthalmologist referred us to her.

Wednesday afternoon I got a call from the receptionist at that eye center as she was checking their web page and found my e-mail.  This young lady was also the one that took my message when I first called them a week ago.  She was sincerely apologetic, unlike that worthless surgery coordinator.

This heat has taken a toll on the trees and plants. I have been outside until ten o'clock nightly watering them. The ants are out of control, they have eaten so many of the tree leaves. Not just at Mom's but all the neighbors are complaining about the invasion.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Spurs Corner

San Antonio mayor Ivy Taylor proclaimed today July 21, 2016 to be Tim Duncan Day since he proudly wore that number on his jersey during his career with the Spurs.

Lots of businesses joined in with .21 cent tacos, the animal shelter adopted out pets for $21.00. Everyone was encouraged to wear their Tim Duncan jersey or Spurs colors and post pictures on social media using #TimDuncanDay.


  1. I have found that sort of incompetence many times in the past, but lately things have been going well and efficiently.

    Since I will probably be gone during the chili cook-off, I want to wish you a great time. I'll catch up on everything when I get back.

    1. The incompetence gets worst just got off the phone with him, will blog about it later.

      Gypsy the header picture is an old picture of the things I took one year. The chili cook-off does not take place until the first weekend in November.

      Have a great trip to Alaska!

  2. Great pic of our favorite SPUR. Never seen that one. You must have special connections!

    1. Wish I had special connections :(

      Found them on this webpage of rare Tim Duncan pictures:


  3. Anyone hear from Billy Bob? Folks are starting to get a little worried. Been too quiet for too long.


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