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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Target...at last!!!

For someone who lives in a medium to a large town and is fortunate enough to have a Target store, you probably would not be able to understand my jubilation at finally being able to shop at one of my favorite stores.

There is no Target store in Del Rio, the nearest one is in San Antonio or San Angelo, both three hours away.  Even though we now frequently go to San Antonio, the opportunity to stop and shop in one had escaped me...that is until today.

It almost did not take place as believe it or not...they do not have regular wheelchairs...only handicap motorized ones.  That is so surprising to me as this store is located in a newer complex...San Antonio Westover.

The last time I shopped at a Target also took place in San Antonio about two and a half years ago. It was an older store and they had regular wheelchairs with a basket.  So had to leave mother in the parking lot with the motor running as it was awfully hot.

Just went in and got the things I needed, used my two Target gift cards and then picked up another $5.00 one for the items I purchased. I so enjoyed shopping at a store that is not a Walmart (sorry Billy Bob). In big spacious aisles, no mobs or screaming kids and without waiting an eternity to check out.  I was in and out in about five minutes...life is good!

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. I like to shop at Target for some things - they are the only store in town that carries Chiquita bananas, for one thing. Believe it or not there is a difference and they are so much better than Dole or Del Monte. I don't like the way they are always trying to talk you into getting this kind of card or joining this kind of club, all to save you money. Most stores are like that these days. I agree they wrap circles around Walmart. I get a good feeling walking into Target, but a really let-down feeling when I walk into Walmart. It's a depressing place, at least to me, so I rarely go there.

    1. I get that same let down feeling when I go into a Walmart but that is the only large store we have in Del Rio.

      I did not know that about Chiquita bananas, my mother has been complaining about the ones I buy for her at HEB and Walmart. May have to stop and buy some next time we are close to a Target.

  2. I have never seen regular wheel chairs in stores for customer use, not even Wal-Mart.

    1. I meant regular wheelchairs with a basket. At least we have that at both HEB and Walmart in Del Rio.


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