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Monday, October 3, 2016

Dashlane / Redbox / AARP

I am tired of trying to remember so many passwords for so many sites so decided to sign up for Dashlane and bring back some kind of order into my cyber life.  The straw that broke the camel's back was locking myself out of my car insurance web page.  Had no other choice but to go in person to make my payment.

Sunday I noticed that my free promo code for a Redbox rental was about to expire so went to rent a movie.  I was upset because my new computer would not play it, so I dragged out my old laptop and everything was going well until half way into the movie when the DVD just quit working.  The last time I rented a movie was at Blockbuster back when they came in VHS format in the early 90's.  I called Redbox and they were very apologetic and issued me another free promo code.

AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) has been hounding me for years to become a member and I finally caved in.  They had a special promotion for Hispanic Heritage month plus they offered a free Weekend Duffle Bag to seal the deal. I think I will more than recoup my yearly fee with the discounts they offer when we stay overnight at a hotel now that daylight savings time is only a month away.  As you all know I have poor night vision and I am not going to risk driving after dark.

I do not know why I go into a panic whenever the low tire indicator comes on. Since we have an out- of-town trip coming up decided to take care of that matter.  The tire shop I frequent also does vehicle State Inspections. Unfortunately for me, there were other procrastinators who were trying to get their October inspections done so they could go buy their license tags.  Patience is not one of my virtues so will try again in the next couple of days.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. On my car adding air takes are of the low tire indicator. If it comes on regularly fixing the leak is a better idea.

    1. I do not know how to add air to the tires now that they have this gauge attached to the air hose and I end up taking air out instead of putting it in.

      I had one tire fixed not too long ago and I am thinking I probably need to have that looked at again but not at the cost of waiting for hours.

  2. I have AAA and found the discount to be the same as AARP. Most places offer a senior discount, although a few motel chains insist you need an AARP card. I had one years ago and got mad at them for some reason I can no longer remember, so I never renewed my membership.

    Don't get me started on passwords! I have a 4 page Word document listing passwords. They often have to be changed and I just scribble in pen or pencil the new one, and the whole document is a total mess now. I can see using a password for something containing an account number or personal information, but many of them are just plain unnecessary.

    1. I also have an AAA membership have had one since my early 20's and though I have not had to use it very often, the peace of mind that it brings just to know I do not have to call and bother someone is like the commercial says.....priceless!

      Mother gets a senior discount at hotels based on her age but in the past they have inquired if we have an AARP membership. Though I do not recall them ever asking if we are triple A members.

      I am too afraid to keep my passwords on my computer or in any kind of digital format. I use my trusted spiral notebooks, the problem is that I forget in which notebook I have the particular password I happen to be looking for!

  3. I bought the AARP card when I first was eligible, never used it so never renewed it and am constantly inundated with offers ever since. I sure would like that duffle bag though.

    Have the AAA also but never use it either and hope never to have to! But the $58 yearly fee sure gives me peace of mind.

    Also see you're my "spiral notebook" sister too! With my CRS, if it ain't in my spiral notebook then it didn't happen. Been using one since the early 80's.


    1. You got a great deal if you only pay $58 annually. I am looking at my bill now and it is $106.00 but it is important to me to be able to be towed 200 miles so I have the Premier membership.

      My little spiral notebooks and I go back a long ways when I ran out of space in my diary. I started keeping a diary when I was nine years old.

      When I got to high school I adopted my "spiral notebooks" but had to burn the darn things to keep prying eyes from reading them :)

      Now you are my "spiral notebook" as well as my Spurs brother!

      Speaking of Spurs did you catch the first pre-season game? I have to blame my CRS for forgetting to watch it :-(

    2. It wasn't broadcast but checked in via the internet - Kawhi and HIS team had a good first half but sat out the 2nd half and our newbies had a buncha turnovers and gave the game away so it will be a good teaching tool for Pop.

    3. Thanks for the update, did not even know we lost.


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