Terlingua Dreams

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Where has the month gone?

This month has just flown by and I have yet to do anything constructive.  Harris County (Houston, Texas) property taxes are due on January 31st and it is always a challenge to find where I put them. Now I can not seem to locate the HOA (Homeowners Association) annual fee statement. Think I will just call them on Monday rather than turn the house upside down to find it.  I used to be so organized, what happened to me?

I ran out of Internet Anytime data but still had Off-Peak available on DISH. There is no such thing as roll-over of data but somehow I ended up with 9.0 GB of Anytime at the start of this new billing cycle instead of the usual 5 GB, will need to call and find out why.  Did they read my blog and see how much I complain about their service?

Thursday we finally made it to the beauty shop in Ciudad Acuña.  Though we both needed a hair cut I mainly did it for Mom.

Afterward, we went to the newer Aurrera located closer to the tourist district. We usually frequent the larger store located in the north part of the city but it was getting late and I did not feel like driving that far.

I forgot to take my camera so I have no pictures to document this trip.  The return trip to the US should have taken ten to fifteen minutes as the lines were not that long.  It turned out to be a 35 minute wait as the lady border agent searched a car for the longest time instead of sending it for a more extensive search in the area designated for that purpose.

The weather has been foggy and damp in the mornings but by mid-day, the sun has been shining and temperatures have been in the 70's. We have only had two very cold days in the 20's and two in the 30's so winter has been kind to us thus far.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Spurs Corner

My San Antonio Spurs have been playing great, in particular, the young talent.  Was surprised to read that Lebron James called Gregg Popovich the greatest NBA coach of all time.  Spurs fans have always known that...just did not expect to hear it from James...he is certainly correct in that point.

Just to show that I don't always bad mouth DISH, I was in hog heaven this week as they offered a five-day NBA League pass for free.  You see, I also follow other teams in the NBA.  Have I mentioned that basketball makes me happy?


  1. My goodness, your weather hasn't been bad at all. I've been freezing for what seems like months!

    1. I can not complain about the weather. I feel for you and other Californians with the rain, flooding, cold temperatures and wind you have received.

  2. Do you ever get a big time search crossing the border?

    1. I have only been searched once crossing into Mexico because it is automated and the red light went off. Since I only had an ice chest it wasn't a big deal.

      Coming into the United States I have been sent for a full search twice because my mother did not answer fast enough for the woman agent. The guys in the special search area joked with us and asked what we had done to deserve it as that agent was known to do that more frequently than the average agent.

      They threaten to take my cake away because I forgot to declare it and eat it during their break (they were joking). They also told me that I had the right to speak on behalf of my mother since she is elderly and sometimes can not hear well.

      In a way it was a good thing I was sent for a full revision since they gave me a lot of pointers. They were very considerate and allowed my mother to remain in the vehicle.

      The second time was when I recognized a woman agent that I went to school with. I guess she figured I was trying to be chummy so I must be bringing back something illegal...that lady had absolutely NO friends in High School...but I had forgotten that. Have butted heads with her a couple more times but she has not sent me for a full search since that one time.

  3. I'm a big David Lee fan this year. He's a member of YOUR Spurs. GSG

    1. I think David Lee is doing an outstanding job and we will see more from him now that he is stepping in for Pau Gasol. Though I read that the Spurs have signed forward Joel Anthony to a 10 day contract.

      BTW...I also like David Lee Garza...but that is another story :D

    2. y Los Musicales es puro Tejano. Music that always guarantees a good time.


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