Terlingua Dreams

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

No water, no access, no tires

Woke up to the very loud sounds of heavy machinery early yesterday morning.  It along with all the dogs down the street barking...ours included...finally made me get up to investigate what the problem was. It appears that a line busted very close to our driveway and they had to begin emergency repairs and shut down the water supply to the entire block.

That in and of itself was not a problem as I always have at least one 32 gallon plastic trash can (only used for this purpose) filled with water.  Actually right now I have more than that in storage since I am undergoing an experiment to see how much water I use during the fall/winter months for my future life in Terlingua.  More about that later...

I am glad we did not have a doctor's appointment or any other appointment that required we leave the house as our driveway was blocked with excavation equipment and piles of dirt.  They closed the street for the eight hours the repair took.

On the bright side, they did me a great favor as they mowed down some thorny shrubbery (yes, those darn baby mesquite) along the fence line.

On Monday I decided to tackle the chores that were most important:

  1. food for the critters
  2. buying my medication
  3. took my car in for servicing
  4. bought a bottle of dry wine

Now how many of you betted that I would not make it to the dealership?  Be honest, give me a show of hands :D

I am glad I went as per their service technician I was in bad need of tires. Like everything else in small towns they did not have it in stock and had to be ordered from San Antonio, Texas. They were to have arrived yesterday but never made it so I am hoping they get here today as tomorrow I have to wait for the telephone repairman.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Spurs Corner

Finally "Our Spurs" pulled off a very convincing win over the OKC Thunder last night.  I was able to savor a nice glass of wine to celebrate such stellar performance :)


  1. i can talk about water... while I was vandwelling my water came from a 7 gal dark blue jug, a 5 gal light blue jerry can looking container & several gallon jugs.
    I'd refill the gallon jugs as I used them from the bigger containers.

    I figured 3 gallons a day, a lot of that for the cleaning having to do with cooking... but 3 gal a day.

    1. Vandwellers are a great source of information, I may have to pick your brain again in the future. Thank you for your input.

  2. The one good outcome was having your mesquite bushes cut. I hate those things! I'm glad you are taking care of your tires. Those things have a way of surprising you when you are the least prepared.

    1. Brakes and tires are something I take very seriously and something I definitively do not procrastinate on as I might other things.

      Getting rid of those bushes and having it done for free made me pretty happy :)


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