Terlingua Dreams

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Day of Errand Running

As is typical of me...I have been putting off several errands...decided to tackle them today.  First stop was the Municipal Building downtown to pay the water bill.  Darn, the line was long, it was hot and dad's old car does not have a working A/C.  Instead of waiting in the drive-in line decided to go inside.  To my surprise there was only one person in front of me and I was out the door.

Off I went to the Post Office dreading to find it packed to capacity since after all it was April 15th and all the  late Income Tax filers were going to be mailing off their returns right?  How wrong I was...there were hardly any people there!  Everyone must of filed early or sent theirs electronically.

Since this is also my Cyber Journal needed to make a notation.  Went to the bank to have my Passcode re-set so I can once again have access to my account...have no idea what could of happened :-(

A stop at Ross was next on the list.  I will be darned what is it about Ross and purses?  Almost had no inventory.  Was not in the market for a purse but for a wallet...but they were almost sold out of those as well. 

The price of gasoline has gone down.  Here are some prices around town.  You can click on the picture to make it larger.  I thought I had zoomed in when I took the first picture...apparently not!

It wasn't until I got back home that mother told me about the explosions that took place today in Boston.  Another tragic day in American history.  My heart goes out to all the victims and their families.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. I saw the news about Boston on MSN.com and couldn't believe it! Took a bit to realize it had really happened.

    1. I did not realize the magnitude until I watched it on TV. It is so sad there are so many sick people out there.

    2. That is the world we live in sadly....hmmm gun control didn't stop a bomb.

    3. Hi Frann, no gun control did not stop a bomb. It also did not stop that wacko kid that stabbed all those people last week at Lone Star College in Houston.

  2. Sometimes you just can't put things off any longer. LOL

  3. If it makes you feel any better, my Toyota truck has no A/C. I've grown up in the humid climate of Virginia and never had A/C. Philippines and no A/C. Lived in Honduras and yup, that would be a nada on the A/C. So, I guess I've gotten accustomed to the heat and don't mind it. As long as I have shade then I'm fine. I love naps and let me tell you, nothing makes me want to take a nap in the afternoon like the heat does! Anyhow, it seems like the perfect excuse to me.

  4. Wow Charlton, you have lived in a lot of places. Hope you incorporate it into your blog, bet you have seen a lot of interest things in your travels.

    Naps are always welcome...one not need have an excuse :)


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