Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Friday, September 8, 2023

Walmart Auto Service Center / Sirloin Stockade / Mr. Gatti's Pizza

I picked up an old rusted roofing nail on my right passenger side the other day and lucky for me I noticed it and even took a picture of it. I took it to the small family business shop we frequent but the guy told me that it wasn't there. How odd I thought as from prior experience I know these things don't come off easily. When I got home I looked over the tire and while the square top had come off...the nail had not...I even used a marker to pinpoint the location. How could he not see it when he took the tire off? I must say I was rather disappointed.

Last August 18, 2022, I bought new shoes for Midnight as well as road hazard, wheel balance, and rotation for the life of the tires. The service guy suggested I not only get my tire fixed but also rotate my tires at the same time...I agreed. He told me it would be at least an hour and a half before they could service my car but the way I see it, it is better to wait in an air-conditioned waiting area and not by the side of the highway waiting on a Triple-A truck to come to my aid. However, I would like to add that I absolutely 💓💓💓 my Triple-A membership and have nothing but praise for the organization and its drivers.

I must say Walmart Auto Service Center has gone high-tech since last year. They asked for my cellphone number and kept on sending me texts letting me know they had started working on my vehicle and that I could click on a link and watch it live?  I tried but I needed to have the Walmart App...if you have been following me for a while you know how I feel about Apps...👎

I walked around the store checking prices as it has been a while since I purchased food since I have at least a year stash of non-perishable items. Was glad to see many things had gone down in price. I also found new products such as Blue Bunny Soft Ice Cream. I will need to try it out but today I did not bring my ice chest with me.

It was almost two o'clock and I was starving so I headed to Sirloin Stockade (a buffet restaurant). An older couple was leaving as I was heading for the door when the gentlemen said," Sorry Honey, we were not able to keep the lights on for you". I just smiled and went inside...that is when I understood what he meant. The lights were out though there were a few people still eating.

The cashier told me they could not accept payments and were now closed. I asked if it was a rolling blackout but she said No...that their power had gone out slowly during the lunch buffet. They currently had an electrician working on it but he had to turn it all off including the A/C...that was my clue to make a beeline for the door...in Del Rio, you can not be without air conditioning.

What else was open where I could eat a buffet-style lunch that included salad, fruit, and hot soup? I knew just the place...Mr. Gatti's Pizza. My friends would be proud of me and probably not believe me if I told them I only ate two small slices of pizza but a lot of the other stuff.

It has been extremely hot this summer and we still have more days in the triple digits to look forward to.

Good night. May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Aunty Acid