Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Thursday, December 22, 2022

The Big Texas Chill of 2022

I have been prepping for the arctic blast this week that arrived three hours ago. While it will be cold it will not compare to the Texas Freeze of February 2021. No precipitation is expected, meaning no nasty "snow" like the 14-plus inches we had on that prior occasion.

Yesterday I spent all morning trimming trees whose branches were rubbing on the roof. Then put away all things that could become projectiles with the expected strong wind gusts. I also filled four of my 6-gallon water jugs along with multiple one-gallon milk containers and three of my 32-gallon water catchment garbage cans in case the pipes burst or the City of Del Rio loses water pressure.

While the above temperatures are not too bad it feels a lot colder with the wind. These are the expected temperatures this evening but will be colder tomorrow. Except for the Texas panhandle and northern parts of the state we are not used to these freezing temperatures.

I feel sorry for my fur babies but I can not bring them inside. I did set up more "cuchas"... which means beds in Spanish...cut up an old blanket to beef up their bedding.

One of two cats from Luna's first litter...I have not named them yet even though they are about nine months old. They are feral like their mother and while they like my food they do not like me.

This is Chester a cat that was abandoned by its owners when they moved. He was almost skin and bones when he arrived at the house but is now back to his old chunky self. Chester is a kind-hearted and very loveable cat. He found Suzie when someone dumped her at the house and protected her.

Here are the quintuplets though you can not see the fifth one. They are from Grayson's first and only litter since I had her fixed after thinking she was a male. They turned six months old on December 21st and I can now have them legally fixed in Mexico.

During the Big Texas Chill, they will be housed in the mudroom/junk room because I can still control them. I can not say the same about older cats who have a mind of their own.

Here are my two baby kittens...Suzie the Siamese somebody dumped, and Bianca...whose mother (Luna) killed her two siblings and wants nothing to do with her. Suzie babysits Bianca and protects her.

Bundle up, friends!  Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Aunty Acid

Saturday, December 10, 2022

Shorts and T-shirt weather / Running out of space

This past week it has been nothing but shorts and t-shirt weather. While the mornings have been gray and foggy by noon the sun has been making an appearance making it warm and charging my solar lights. I have not had to turn on the heater and I am saving money which is good because yesterday I received the invoice from Western Air Conditioning for the services they provided last month.

I now know that they repaired a short in 24V wiring and replaced 3 blown AMP fuses, actually it was a very reasonable $57.36. While I like them I hope I do not have to see them again anytime soon.

I am running out of space in Google Photos and I really do not want to have to pay a monthly fee but it looks like I do not have much choice. I messed up my computer a few years back and if I try to upload from my phone to my PC it loads them without paying attention to the date so I am not able to keep them in chronological order.

I am also running out of space for my food prepping. When I purchase my supplies I write the date I bought them and the price I paid for them. One of the Prepper Channels I watch suggested it was better to write the expiration date but I check that when I make my purchase so I know which products will expire sooner.

I also have to download the pictures I have in PhotoBucket before they erase them. I think I have already lost some that I had posted on this blog back when I had inferior internet service through DISH and Cricket.

We have added two kittens to our already large feline family. When I find the time I will write about that in my other blog. Here is a teaser photo 💓

Gasoline prices continue to go down...$2.539 for regular unleaded and $4.099 for Diesel fuel.

This Skoolie had just crossed the border from México and it made me wonder where they had been and if they had a YouTube Channel would love to see how they have it set up inside. I tried to get a glimpse of their license plate but with so many stickers and I presume a motorcycle (?) it was hard to tell. I was hoping they would turn at HEB but they headed east on highway 90 so I was not able to satisfy my curiosity. 😄

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Aunty Acid