Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Beautiful sunny days / First power outage of 2021

Yesterday we had high winds that brought a cool front through but at least we finally got to see the sun and the temperatures warmed up to the high 70's. Ditto for today. Yesterday I was marveling at the fact that the power had not gone out with the strong winds. This morning I did not have to marvel anymore as I woke up to a dark house and no idea what time it was. So today Tuesday, January 26th we had our first of I am sure many more power outages to come.

My second Amazon package that I finally tracked said it would arrive on Tuesday, Saturday I tracked it again and it was already here but undeliverable...my post office does not open on Saturday. Did you know that Postmaster General Louis DeJoy the idiot Trump installed to sabotage the mail and thus the mail-in ballots remains Postmaster General and will probably do so until October 2022? No joke https://slate.com/business/2020/12/louis-dejoy-postmaster-general-biden-postal-service.html

I am glad that I no longer have to stand in line to pick-up packages and that they now place them in lockers instead though I have no intention of ordering anything else anytime soon.

Just my luck they gave me the locker at the very bottom with my bad back!

Penelope sorry it took so long but here is a picture of my hat. They do not sell them locally or at least I have never seen them it will come in handy come Chili Cook-off time.

I have no idea why the foam head looks green because it's not...only around the eyes I used green eye shadow years ago.

Saw where California, Nevada, Arizona, and the Texas Panhandle woke up to snow...glad it missed us!

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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Thursday, January 21, 2021

One of my Amazon orders arrived / Grocery run to HEB

Yesterday I took a day off to watch everything to do with the Inauguration and enjoyed every minute of it. This morning I finally checked my e-mails and decided to track my Amazon order only to learn it had arrived yesterday, however my hat the main reason for my order would not arrive until Friday.

Drove down to the post office to pick it up and once again my P.O. Box was full of mail. They left a new key instructing me to use it to open one of the lockboxes to pick up my merchandise.  It seems they are phasing out the old orange knob keys.

What was my surprise but to see that my hat that was not suppose to arrive until tomorrow was already there but the rest of my order that shows it was delivered yesterday was not...grrrrrrr!! The line has been long since December and I had no desire to stand in it but neither did I want to have to drive back into town tomorrow.

As you all know I hate cellphones and I have only the bare minimum of apps and Amazon is not one of them. All my passwords are stored on my desktop using Dashlane (a password generator) and you can only have it on one device or you have to pay extra and I am a bit on the frugal side. So I stood in line for nothing as I was not able to get the tracking number and the post lady had no record I received anything yesterday. That is a shame because I had ordered new face shields with glasses and six cat collars.

I had no other choice but to stop at HEB as I went through a can of Nestle Hot Chocolate mix as if it was water. As usual, when one goes shopping when hungry...you end up buying more stuff than you intended.

As I passed the ice cream aisle noticed that they now carry a Spurs and a Houston Texan ice cream I had never seen that before I think it might be a new product.

Found there was also a new line of HEB brand diet ice cream that will come in handy as soon as we shed these cold temperatures.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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Monday, January 18, 2021

Beautiful sunny day / Rant

While it started out cold it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day with a high of 77 degrees. However, change is on the way and the next couple of days will be cloudy, cooler, and rainy. Took the opportunity to hand wash some of my nicer sweaters...have I mentioned how much I hate cold weather?

This weekend I decided to re-arrange my closet but did not get very far...watched Hallmark movies instead. Could not help myself and tuned in to my favorite cable news channels only to raise my already high blood pressure numbers even higher. This past Friday Anderson Cooper announced what the current occupant of the White House was planning for his farewell ceremony.

Yeap, just like the TV caption reads:  Amid Massive Security Inaguration Operation, Trump considering 21-gun salute, Red Carpet DC Departure.

Rather than write a rant-filled post decided to let a couple of days go by but honestly the news...if you are a news junkie like I am...just gets worse by the day.  Now "The Pillow" guy is also giving advice to the sore loser?

At least this evening on "The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell" his audience got some good news and some bad news. First the good news...

Trump leaves office with his lowest-ever approval rating

The bad news is that over 100 Pardons will be forthcoming tomorrow but the worse news is that he does not have to make them all public. He can pardon himself, his family members, and cronies but we will not know about it until they are charged, and then the pardon will become public.  Lawrence mentioned that it would not be convenient for him to make some of them known as his impeachment trial will soon get underway and it might make some Republicans vote against him especially if he pardons himself and/or some of the domestic terrorists.

Just two more days!!!!!!!!!

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Freezing temperatures / Out of Control Covid-19 numbers / 5 More Days of that demagogue

I thought it was only me but most of the news channels I watch (ours come from San Antonio) and I watch all five of them since I like to get different views on what's going on in San Antonio, Texas, the US, and the world. Most of the newscasters are complaining about how cold it has been lately.  I know some of you will think our temperatures are balmy but 26 and 28 for the morning low and even with sunshine it only reaching in the high 50's or low 60's is downright cold!  I just can not function in cold temperatures. I wish we had a gas heater and not an electric one.

I hate this new Blogger I can not add a title to my pictures like we previously could. This is my frozen rain catchment this morning as well as in previous days.

Our Covid-19 numbers are totally out of control per Ciudad Acuña's newspaper El Zócalo we have 248 new cases. 82 of them are from students.  The breakdown is 42 of them are from students that are attending school in person and 40 were from online students. One school teacher died, 49 school administrators were found positive and 103 others were sent home to quarantine since they were exposed to these individuals.

Without a local newspaper and since I refuse to join Facebook it is hard to know what is going on around town. That is why I was happy to see that several San Antonio stations carried a story of a local woman who tested positive and was suppose to be quarantining at home but instead choose to attend a country-western concert in a San Antonio nightclub.  She uploaded the images to her social media account...where the local County Judge was made aware of her actions and called her out on television and will soon be releasing her name. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that she took off her mask to sing at the top of her lungs and surely spread the virus to more people!

I am happy that the sore loser was impeached for a second time. CNN is now reporting that he is seething at his attorney Rudy Giuliani and has ordered his staff not to pay his legal fees and is blaming him for his impeachment. Very Trump like to blame someone else and not take responsibility for his actions...five more days of that demagogue!

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Grocery run / It is cold

Monday when I finally ventured out to go pick up the mail I decided to stop at HEB but the parking lot was so packed I headed to Walmart only to find the same circumstances and decided I did not need groceries that bad.

Tuesday I got an e-mail from HEB Pharmacy letting me know my prescriptions were ready but by the time I read it, it was too late in the afternoon. Wednesday I was getting ready when the horrendous attack on our Capitol happened and I dropped everything to follow the shameful event, ditto for Thursday. I could not put it off any longer as I also had to mail out some items as well as pay my 2021 P.O. Box fee and I hope they do not lose my check like they did last year.

The pharmacy drive-thru was backed up and there were just as many cars in the parking lot as there were on Monday but this time I had to go in as we were low on staples and I was also down to my last one and a half serrano (I have been rationing them) and like it or not I had to buy more pre-packaged salads. I was surprised avocados were still selling for .50 cents each.

It has been cold, gray, and now it is drizzling. We only made it to 48 degrees today. Tomorrow it is forecasted to rain and only reach a high of 49 degrees. While we will not see any, the northern part of Texas will see snow tomorrow.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Too much mail / A disgraceful day in history

Monday I finally went to pick up the mail from our P.O. Box and was shocked at how much I had. Never since I moved to Del Rio had I ever had my excess mail placed in another box...you know the ones with the orange knob key. When I got home I finally figured out I had not been to the post office in three weeks.

What a week this has been, I think it was Saturday (the days get blurred) when I decided I was going to treat myself and watch some YouTube videos I have been putting off for weeks when there was Breaking News about the sore loser's tape of his shakedown of Georgia's election official was leaked and I went down that rabbit hole.

Tuesday night I was cautiously optimistic about the Georgia run-off senatorial elections.  I was watching the coverage but fell asleep and when I woke up at 3:00 a.m. I was glad at least one of the elections had been called and Rev. Raphael Warnock had won. The other election was too close to call and since I was unable to go back to sleep kept on watching the coverage.

I had debated whether or not to watch the disgraceful spectacle that was going to take place today with regards to the certification of the electoral college vote.  Decided it was history in the making but minutes into this sham the coverage shift to what turned out to be an even more disgraceful act of sabotage, lawlessness, and treason lead by supporters of the sore loser.

What the hell happened? Why did they not have more police officers when they knew that Trump was going to hold a rally and fire up his followers. Where was the national guard that the D.C. mayor had asked for? Why was the head of Homeland Security on a farewell tour overseas? Why were there so few thugs arrested? This is shameful, shameful, shameful!!!

If the 25th Amendment was not meant for a situation like this then when in the hell are we going to use it?

I am watching Congress reconvene to certify Biden's win after Pro-Trump rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol this morning and disrupted this procedure. A little late but Pence finally found his cojones.

I'm sorry guys for my use of profanity but I am freaking pissed off!!

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams as it is unlikely I will.