Terlingua Dreams

Friday, February 15, 2019

Record breaking temperatures

Got up early so I could finish my errands before the heat wave hit us. First stop was Tractor & Supply for cat food and unexpectedly found small three gallon buckets that use the same lids as 5-gallon ones so no need to purchase lids.

Headed to the post office only to find it was closed. Wondered why? Since I am not a morning person I had no idea what time it opened,  A lady told me it wasn't 9:30 a.m. yet. Will just have to swing by another day to buy stamps as Monday is a holiday and will be closed.

Stopped at Stripes to buy me some breakfast tacos and this time followed Leilani's advice and put on my sunglasses to disguise the fact that I had no make-up on, even though there was no sun :D

Walked around the property noting where the weeds were more overgrown and picking up twigs and tree branches from the heavy winds we have had.  I know that I do not have enough string to weed eat the yard...well actually I do but I have no idea where it is at.

We set a new record high for today when we hit 93 degrees. Thankfully it should be cooler tomorrow and in the coming days.

Decided to drive back into town and pay Home Depot a visit. I was considering buying a new weedeater but they really do not have any garden tool on special perhaps they will in March?  I suppose I am in a procrastinating mood again?

While there I saw these water storage tanks as well as plastic septic tanks.  Had no idea they were so expensive.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.