Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Thursday, September 29, 2016

I am noticing a new trend

I have been noticing a new trend lately.  Perhaps it has been going on for a while and I am just now picking up on it.  Has anyone noticed how teens are not as anxious to leave home when they reach eighteen?

I do not have to look very far. Mother's neighbor across the street has a son around 26 to 28 years of age.  At one time he even brought his girlfriend to live with him.  She wised up and moved out, he is still at home with his parents.

The nice neighbor that mows along the fence line has had his unemployed step-son living there for years.  He is married with three children and his wife does not work either.  He did move out for about two years when he got a job in the oil patch but after he got laid-off they moved back home. He is in his late-twenties.

Next door to the above neighbor is the widower.  He has four sons ranging in age from 16 to 28. The youngest one is in high school and understandably lives at home. His oldest son lives there with his girlfriend and two kids. While she works, he does not.  I do not know what the other two do for a living but they have never moved out.

Two lots down the lady that lives there has two daughters. The oldest is 26, she moved out to live with her boyfriend when she was 22 years old. They broke up and she is back at home.

My nightmare of a neighbor in Houston has three sons.  The two that originally moved in with her both work, have nice cars and could afford an apartment but they live with her and her husband. Her oldest who is in his early 40's got a divorce and moved back home with his 17-year-old son. With five cars between them, guess where they park?  Yep, in my driveway...wish they would all move out!

I am not making any judgment calls.  There are many young adults that never leave home or move back because they are going to school, have heavy student debt or are saving for a home. However, that is not the case with our neighbors.

I did not get a chance to move out because I left to go to school and that was good enough for me. When I graduated my father fully expected me to move back home...my mother knew better.

In my case, it was different because Latin women are not supposed to leave their parents home until they get married no matter how old you happen to be.  Let me clarify that...Latin women, of my generation whose parents still held on to long time traditions which I refused to have any part of. You can imagine how upset my old fashion father was as he got a double whammy when I announced that not only did I not plan to move back to Del Rio but that I was moving to Houston...jajajajaja :D

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Monday, September 26, 2016

More rains

Hopefully, I won't lose my internet connection before I can publish this.  It rained cats and dogs last night and the electricity went out several times and with it the television and internet.  Had no other option but to go to bed at 10:30 p.m.

The rains started up once more around 1:30 a.m. this morning (Monday) and the Internet keeps on going out. I hate to admit this but I was much better off when I had cable.  DISH sucks!!!

I knew the rains were coming and felt so guilty because Pedrito is tied up, so I released him after feeding him as well as Tammy and Oscar.  He behaved for a while then started bullying Oscar. The only thing that made him stop was the lighting and thunder and the fact that the other dogs left.

I have often wondered, where do they go to?  They have the garage/carport where they can be high and dry but they choose to go elsewhere.  Pedrito sought refuge behind the old washing machine in the covered patio by the kitchen door.

This afternoon when all three were eating another dog walked into the yard, he had a collar and looked like a pit bull.  The three of them chased him away and Pedrito started fighting with him. Then he decided to fight with Oscar.  There is no hope for that dog...he needs to be restrained full time!

I have a feeling Tammy is in heat and there will be more dog intruders coming around.  How I wish she would trust me and let me get near her so I could take her to the vet to be fixed!

We are under a flash flood warning as it is supposed to rain all day.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Does it feel like autumn?

I have so looked forward to autumn after such a hot summer, but so far where I live, summer has not lost its grip.  However, rains are in the forecast for Sunday and Monday and temperatures are expected to drop to the 80's in the day and the mid-fifties during the night.

This has been the first appointment free week in a long time.  I have used it to catch up on many pending projects and tasks. It has left me extremely tired. So much so that I have been going to bed before midnight. That may sound late to some folks but that is pretty early for me.

I finally decided to research my problem with uploading pictures on Windows 10 and I find that I am not the only person having difficulties. To make matters worst Photobucket is giving me problems as well. I use my older Windows 7 computer to upload pictures to their site but for some reason, Windows 10 fails to recognize that they have been uploaded.

You all know how I dislike having the same cover picture for more than a few days...imagine how I feel at having to look at the same darn Windows 10 image with the beach and the rocks...I hate it!!! However, I have no idea how to change it :-(

Not only that but my main e-mail account does not sync like it should. It takes a heck of a long time to do so.  Basically, I hate Windows 10 and glad I never updated my other computer.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Good neighbors / Potty mouth aunt

Today we had the opportunity to chat on the phone with an old friend as well as with my father's aunt. It made me reminisce of times gone by when you actually knew your neighbors and considered them part of your extended family.

When we lived in Austin, Texas our next door neighbor was a lady from Eagle Pass whose husband took him ten years to convince her to move to his hometown.  My parents and they became very good friends.  We were sad when they decided to buy a home but later delighted that, they found one just a block away.

I remember in the summer when they would go back to visit her family she would leave Mom her keys. We would go get the mail and turn on the front porch light in the evenings and in the mornings to turn it off.  Can you really trust your neighbor with a set of keys these days?  Not mine at least! Though my nice HOA neighbor lady that lives on another block does have a spare set.

Our former neighbor and her husband are no longer with us but her sister who still lives in Eagle Pass keeps in touch with us. Being only an hour away she and her husband would often come to Del Rio to visit my parents. This lady is probably in her eighties but she is a blast, she drinks beer, says what's on her mind and loves to party. I bet if I took her to Terlingua she would love it!

We had a great conversation and relived many old memories.  I loved that she made my mother laugh, it is not often that she does.

Then we called dad's aunt who is probably in her mid to late 90's.  I remember her as this well dressed petite lady with impeccable manners and a very sharp memory (obviously it is not hereditary).

We had not spoken to her in about eight months.  We did not have a good telephone connection and I had to repeat things and vice versa.  My dad only had one sister, my grandmother re-married after she became a widow (my grandfather was an older man).  I wanted to know what was the name of my aunt's only daughter.

I guess the years have caught up with her and she was giving me the name of my father's step-sister and when I tried to tell her that. she went on a profanity-laced rant!  I was in shock, mother was in shock...I would have never expected it from her. Oh well.....guess we will not be calling her anytime soon.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Chicken ranch?

I had to go into town today and when I got back, I noticed my neighbor walking at a fast pace towards the house. This is my nice neighbor who always mows the grass on the street side of the fence. He is the husband of the lady that I finally spoke to after 16 years and the step-father of her son who likes to get drunk and party every weekend.

My first thought was...oh no, the dogs did something to his Chihuahuas! Worst yet I ran out of dog food this morning and figured they might have eaten one of his chickens like Boris did when he first wandered into the yard.  Boris is the dog that died mysteriously a few months back.

Fortunately, neither was the case.  He told me he was in desperate need of purchasing a lot and was wondering if I wanted to sell mine.  You see I own a lot adjacent to my parent's property. Informed him that I was not interested in selling it at this time.  He had three others under consideration but preferred mine as it was in within walking distance.

He told me that he was going, to be honest with me, he needed it to raise chickens and that it would probably get loud.  Apparently, he is going to be selling chickens to clients in Mexico.  I wished him good luck in his future endeavors.

He has been raising free range chickens for a long time but it has been for him and his family's personal consumption.  It never crossed my mind that he would try it as a full-scale business venture.

Ok, Andy, you win...here is an article I found on the billions of butterflies that have invaded South Texas http://foxsanantonio.com/news/local/the-butterfly-thats-all-over-your-windshield-09-07-2016

I am unable to upload pictures to my blog using my Windows 10 computer, so will drag out my old Windows 7 tomorrow. You will be able to see the ones plastered on the grill that I encountered Friday on our way back from San Antonio.

Good night,  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Butterflies / Harbor Freight / Schlotzsky's

We got a late start this morning to the appointment with the ophthalmologist.  To make up time I had to drive in some spots that are designated 75 mph at 80 mph and at times just a tad more but shhh shhh...do not tell anyone!

I would later make a stop at Harbor Freight Tools in order to purchase some much-needed items. Would have liked to have had some coupons for said merchandise but oh well, you can't have it all.

On our last trip when I finally made it to Target, I spotted a Schlotzky's. The last time I ate in one was three years ago in San Angelo, Texas.

While I know it is not on my diet, I think I have behaved well good enough to allow myself to cheat just for today.  Let me tell you...I savoured every bite!

On our way back home we came across swarms of butterflies. I had to stop in Uvalde to clean my windshield.  They were small and looked like Monarch butterflies but was not sure.  Once in Del Rio, I stopped at a car wash because my windshield and grill were totally caked with them.

The KSAT 12 weatherman confirmed that they were, in fact, Monarch's. Shame so many of them will never complete their annual migration destination south of the border because they ended up splattered on people's vehicles.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.