Terlingua Dreams

Sunday, April 7, 2013


When you suffer from insomnia you either tend to watch a lot of late night television or go online till you are sleepy. I happen to do both.  One such night about a year ago or so...remember I also suffer from C.R.S... if you don't know what C.R.S is look at the little banner underneath "About Me".

Anyway they were peddling Ez Eyes and I thought what a great idea that was as I am also blind and clumsy.    I believe they may have been selling it for $19.99 and they always throw one in for free if you pay for additional postage and handling which tends to add ten more bucks to the deal....decided to pass on their generous offer.

During Christmas I happened upon it for $9.99 and almost bought it...but decided it was still a little high.  While in Houston this last trip found it at the not too shabby price of $5.99 and bought it on the spot!  Would have bought two but I did not know if I would like it or not and then I would be stuck with it.

Let me tell you that I LOVE it!  I originally only planned to use it with my Netbook which I do not use much due to its small keyboard and screen.  Using it with a wire plastic plate holder to bring it to eye level, it works great.  I am also using it with my regular laptop and it gives me the sensation that I am on a Desktop without the hassles of a Desktop.

Its bright yellow large print keyboard makes it easy to type and find keys and if you happen to spill your drink...no big deal, it is spill resistant!  All you do is connect it to one of your USB Ports and there is no software or setup required.

I am not being paid to write this.  It is just a review by a regular Joe or Jayne as in my case.

This is where I say Good night, may you have Terlingua Dreams but considering it is only 5:30 p.m. will just wish you a good afternoon instead. :D


  1. I wouldn't mind having one of those myself. If my old full sized USB keyboard wasn't worn out I'd be using it now instead of the laptop keyboard.

  2. I don't blame you...laptop keyboards in my opinion are lousy!

    My old laptop keyboard is so worn out there are letters that are completely blank :D

  3. I used to have a keyboard like that but it took me a long time to find one with yellow keys and without that L-shaped enter key. The L-shape changes some keys around and messes my typing up.

  4. Dizzy if you had not mentioned it, I would have not even noticed the L shape Enter key. Has not been a problem for me.

  5. Son brought me one of these. I only thought GAUDY! Spillproof? Great; I'm such a slob. Already worn the "N" paint off though. But I have a permanent marker to fix that. Enjoying your two blogs!

    1. Hi Sissy! Could it be that we use the letter N more? Mine is almost worn off too!

      The letters A,S,D,T, and C are on their way as well but like you say a permanent marker can fix that.

      Glad you enjoy both blogs. Thank you for commenting.

    2. E,R,T almost totally gone. A, S, N, M are about 1/2 gone with O, P, B & L on their way.

    3. Welcome to the club Ed, guess you have one too. I am not going to complain after the price I paid for mine.


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