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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Reminiscing of Fiesta's Past

For those readers who are not from Texas...every spring in San Antonio a two week event is held called Fiesta San Antonio that had its beginnings in 1891.  They have parades, activities, concerts, food...you name it.  This is a family event, so there are activities suited to all age groups.

Our local TV programming comes from San Antonio, Texas the largest city close to Del Rio (where I live) and is located some 144 miles east of us.  Many events are carried on TV and as I was watching some I could not help buy reminisce of prior Fiesta's.

I had always wanted to attend this event but my parents did not share my sentiments.  Fast forward a couple of years when I was living on my own in Houston, Texas.  Five of my co-workers and I decided we were going!

One of the girls was the secretary to the Vice-President and she was used to making reservations and had close ties in the travel industry...remember there was no Internet in the 80's.  Her name was Patty and she was almost in tears because despite her best effort she was unable to book us a hotel room.

We were standing around her cubicle when the VP came out of his office and upon seeing us wanted to know why we looked like we had just lost our best friend. Upon hearing about our plight he told us to cheer up that he was going to call in some favors and sure enough...he landed us two rooms in a very nice hotel along the Riverwalk.

We had such a wonderful time, my only regret is that I did not take my camera and have no pictures to remember by. This trip had many first...my first brunch as well as my first Mimosa :D

I know I have some readers from Europe and Russia or so that is what Google Stats say...to put it in context...Fiesta San Antonio is the Texas equivalent of the Mardi Gras.

Throughout the years I have attended many more Fiesta's but the first one will always be special!  In my plans have been to go check out Fiesta Oyster Bake held at St. Mary's University but since it would take place on Friday it was hard to take off work.  Now they have it both Friday and Saturday...hope to be able to make it one day.

Enjoy your Sunday :-)


  1. Wow. That fiesta sounds like alot of fun. I will keep that in mind and perhaps I too will make it one day.

    1. From what I remember and from watching it on TV now...it looks like it still is a lot of fun.

      Actually I think San Antonio is the most romantic and historical city in Texas but again that is only MY opinion :)


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