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Monday, May 19, 2014

May 2014 trip to San Angelo, Texas.

Mother has had two vertebroplasties in the past nine months and the pain still lingers.  Mostly because of her osteoporosis's each time her spinal column is injected with "cement" it is causing a break fracture in the lower vertebrate.

Called to schedule an appointment for her and was told we would have to go to San Angelo as they no longer come to Del Rio. The reason we opted for a neurosurgeon from San Angelo versus one from San Antonio, Texas was because at the time the clinic my mother goes to was affiliated with Shannon Medical Centers of San Angelo.  Her primary physician knew this doctor personally but the clincher was that apart from the first visit or if surgery was required, all future appointments would take place in Del Rio.

You have to pass a Border Patrol Check Point on your way
to San Angelo.  

With the pain levels she is experiencing I can not go changing neurosurgeon's on her so today we went to San Angelo.  Her appointment was at 3:20 p.m. but fortunately they were able to work her in earlier.  We will have to come back for an MRI followed by an evaluation by her surgeon, as today we were only able to see his assistant.

Both this hotel chain and the one below charge a hefty
price for a room in Sonora, Texas.

Not knowing what time we were going to get out of the clinic, I packed a suitcase as I have poor night vision.  Last night I was checking hotel rates online for Sonora, Texas hoping they would be cheaper than those in San Angelo. Sonora though not a half way point is the largest city in between.  However the oil boom and pipeline that is being constructed is affecting us regular folks that just want a room without having to dish out $100.00 for a one night's stay.

Gas prices in Sonora, Texas
It takes me three hours to get there since I drive under the speed limit of 75 mph...I drive 65 mph. Tonight I am tired but too wired from the 16 oz cup of coffee I had this morning, as well as from the euphoria of the Spurs winning Game 1 in the NBA Western Conference Finals.

Not too bad of a price for a small town and being on I-10 in Sonora.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Wow, what a challenge. Feel for ya.

    1. I have no other choice Trouble, she is the only mother I have and I can't allow her to be in pain. Only wish San Angelo was closer as the long drive takes a toll on her.

  2. Is the "border patrol" you had to pass on the actual border with Mexico? I don't understand it if you are going from one Texas town to another Texas town. I hope your mother can be helped and her pain eased. It would be awful to be in such pain constantly.

    1. No Gypsy, like Edlfrey states below in the first paragraph of his comment, there are checkpoints on the main roads leading from the southern border of the United States.

      Del Rio being a border town you will find Border Patrol inspection points going east toward San Antonio in Uvalde, Tx. If you go west like when I go to Terlingua there is one in Comstock, Tx and San Angelo going north there is one close to Loma Alta, Tx (the one in the picture).

      They set these up to check for people without proper documentation like for example if you are a Mexican citizen and have a Mexican passport and a US Visa you can move around a 50 mile radius of the border (approximately) but if you want to go shopping in San Antonio or San Angelo for example you need to go to the nearest ICE office and purchase a permit that authorizes you to go beyond this limit. You also have to give a lot of information such as where you will be staying, if with relatives they want their address and telephone number and how long you plan to be gone.

      That permit has to be personally turned in by you upon your return though you can keep it for six months or you will lose your ability to obtain another one and a notation will be posted in their system to that effect.

      If you try to cross any checkpoint without this permit you will be arrested and could lose your American Visa, as well as have your car confiscated. They are also looking for people who might be transporting drugs or humans to major cities like San Antonio, Houston and beyond.

      For us locals they only ask us if we are American citizens and or where we are headed and then just send us on our way.

      It is in the El Paso check point where they arrested Willie Nelson after inspecting his tour bus and finding marihuana and he never even crossed into Mexico.

  3. The United States Border Patrol operates 71 traffic checkpoints, including 32 permanent traffic checkpoints, near the southern border of the United States. These checkpoints are located between 25 and 75 miles of the Mexico – United States border along major U.S. highways. Sometimes referred to as Interior Border Control Checkpoints.
    The Department of Homeland Security has also set up temporary checkpoints with well trained TSA agents on other main highways, at bus stations and train stations. The state, county and city law enforcement bodies are also 'militarizing' so that soon they can control the private citizens of this country that the government no longer trusts.
    IF they could ONLY disarm that citizenry then there would be nothing that the government could not do with impunity. They have not been able to do it yet so they are fearful. But when the 'domestic army' is even more heavily armed up I think they will make their move to finish Transforming America.

    1. Thanks for the first paragraph of your comment.

      I disagree with your opinion on the other two but hey it is a free country and you are entitled to express your opinion...that is why we have freedom of speech.


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