Terlingua Dreams

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

One day trip to Terlingua

I pondered all night on Sunday and decided I wanted to go to Terlingua, both to save my prized camping space at the Chili cook-off as well as to attend the Dia de los Muertos 2015 celebration. Unfortunately, I got a late start but made it in time to be part of the Day of the Dead experience.

While I have attended several of them, the people that came with me got bored, tired or wanted to go back to the campground.  It was wonderful to go by myself and to leave when I was good and ready to do so.

I will do a separate post for the Dia de los Muertos...stay tuned.

Remember I was not feeling motivated or excited about going to Terlingua?  Well, that changed as soon as I went over Lake Amistad bridge.  Right then and there I felt this overwhelming sensation...I was no longer in Del Rio!

I had a smile on my face until my face hurt.

The new Border Patrol station in Comstock, Texas was officially inaugurated this past October after almost two years of construction.  The nice young lady officer asked how far I was going. Told her I was headed to Terlingua...I was still smiling like a fool...she told me that a lot of people had been by going out that way and she wished me well.

I was so giddy I had to really watch my speed as I caught myself going close to 90 mph on several occasions.  Last thing I needed was to get a ticket and ruin the great insurance rates I currently pay.

I wll give you an advance...I stayed till the very end and then headed to the porch to listen to some local musicians jam.

I finally arrived at my favorite camping spot a little after midnight.  While my spot was still available, an RV was next to it and that is where my Houston friends were going to camp.  No big deal, they can have my spot as I plan on car camping this year as well.

Only one person was up at one of the adjoing camps. I stayed there for a while until my cough and the smoke got to me and I went to bed.  Unfortunately, I was up by 5:00 a.m. even though I tried to go back to sleep.

As soon as the sun came up, I set up my tarp and secured it with rocks and water jugs.  I left before any of my friends were up.

This was my one day trip to my favorite desert.  Hopefully I can return shortly.

I apologize as I am having difficulty uploading pictures and some of them are out of sequence. :(

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Gasoline Prices this trip

Del Rio, Texas

$1.88 at the Del Rio Walmart

Sanderson, Texas

$2.19 at the Stripes in Sanderson

Alpine, Texas

$2.17 at the Stripes in Alpine


  1. 2.14 for diesel here in Rockport. Have fun in the desert.

  2. I am SO glad you decided to go to the Chili cook-off. You would have regretted it if you hadn't, and see, the big smile on your face says it all.

    1. I was very glad I went, even if it was only for one day :)

  3. I'm glad you made it! Maybe next year I'll finally make it? (I say that a lot :-) !)

    I do not recall having seen gasoline below $2/g since the winter of 2012/2013. Thanks!!

    1. I hope you make it one day to the Dia de los Muertos celebration and/or the Chili Cook-off...it is worth checking out at least once.


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