Terlingua Dreams

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Does it feel like autumn?

I have so looked forward to autumn after such a hot summer, but so far where I live, summer has not lost its grip.  However, rains are in the forecast for Sunday and Monday and temperatures are expected to drop to the 80's in the day and the mid-fifties during the night.

This has been the first appointment free week in a long time.  I have used it to catch up on many pending projects and tasks. It has left me extremely tired. So much so that I have been going to bed before midnight. That may sound late to some folks but that is pretty early for me.

I finally decided to research my problem with uploading pictures on Windows 10 and I find that I am not the only person having difficulties. To make matters worst Photobucket is giving me problems as well. I use my older Windows 7 computer to upload pictures to their site but for some reason, Windows 10 fails to recognize that they have been uploaded.

You all know how I dislike having the same cover picture for more than a few days...imagine how I feel at having to look at the same darn Windows 10 image with the beach and the rocks...I hate it!!! However, I have no idea how to change it :-(

Not only that but my main e-mail account does not sync like it should. It takes a heck of a long time to do so.  Basically, I hate Windows 10 and glad I never updated my other computer.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. I am so glad I quit using Windows years ago, although the Mac has become just about the same - constant updates and fixes, etc. I don't know whether to blame my other computer problems on the programs themselves - Firefox, AOL, etc. It is so frustrating but there isn't much we can do as they quit supporting the older and more workable versions. I personally think the developers are constantly changing everything to sync with people who use their phones for computers. AOL as much as admitted it when I complained about something.

    1. "I personally think the developers are constantly changing everything to sync with people who use their phones for computers."

      I think you hit the nail in the head!

  2. Had a nice shower here at the SPURS practice facility earlier and hoping for a lot more! The team sends their regards and appreciates your support! GSG!

    1. Lol, Andy you sound like the general manager for the Spurs :)


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