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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Good neighbors / Potty mouth aunt

Today we had the opportunity to chat on the phone with an old friend as well as with my father's aunt. It made me reminisce of times gone by when you actually knew your neighbors and considered them part of your extended family.

When we lived in Austin, Texas our next door neighbor was a lady from Eagle Pass whose husband took him ten years to convince her to move to his hometown.  My parents and they became very good friends.  We were sad when they decided to buy a home but later delighted that, they found one just a block away.

I remember in the summer when they would go back to visit her family she would leave Mom her keys. We would go get the mail and turn on the front porch light in the evenings and in the mornings to turn it off.  Can you really trust your neighbor with a set of keys these days?  Not mine at least! Though my nice HOA neighbor lady that lives on another block does have a spare set.

Our former neighbor and her husband are no longer with us but her sister who still lives in Eagle Pass keeps in touch with us. Being only an hour away she and her husband would often come to Del Rio to visit my parents. This lady is probably in her eighties but she is a blast, she drinks beer, says what's on her mind and loves to party. I bet if I took her to Terlingua she would love it!

We had a great conversation and relived many old memories.  I loved that she made my mother laugh, it is not often that she does.

Then we called dad's aunt who is probably in her mid to late 90's.  I remember her as this well dressed petite lady with impeccable manners and a very sharp memory (obviously it is not hereditary).

We had not spoken to her in about eight months.  We did not have a good telephone connection and I had to repeat things and vice versa.  My dad only had one sister, my grandmother re-married after she became a widow (my grandfather was an older man).  I wanted to know what was the name of my aunt's only daughter.

I guess the years have caught up with her and she was giving me the name of my father's step-sister and when I tried to tell her that. she went on a profanity-laced rant!  I was in shock, mother was in shock...I would have never expected it from her. Oh well.....guess we will not be calling her anytime soon.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. I think that last part is so funny. Wonder how many folks go through life thinking the profanity but never saying it, and then when they hit old age either they don't realize that they are saying it out loud, or they just don't give a damn! I use much less profanity now than I did when I was younger, although the words I use now are probably worse! And it's usually when I'm driving so no one hears me.

    1. At her age I think it is a combination of both. Profanity does not offend me, it is just that she has always been so prim and proper that it just took us by surprise.

  2. Why don't you take that 80 year young lady with you to Terlingua? She would have a blast and she just might teach you a thing or two, also. (grin)

    1. If I could spend a whole week there and had a larger vehicle I think I would. I know she would have the time of her life.


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