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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

No library, no Internet, no Soap Opera

Just got off the phone with an employee at the Val Verde County Library and it remains closed to the public. You are probably asking...if you have a computer at home, why do you need to use the one at the library? For one I am nearing the end of my allotted 5GB Anytime per monthly cycle (I have 0.3 remaining or almost nothing).  While I have 4.2 GB Off Peak (2:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.) that defeats the purpose of taking my computer out of my bedroom and being able to go to sleep at a normal hour (OK, normal for me).

I do not have a printer and do not plan on purchasing one. However, I am in need of printing out some coupons so I can have my car serviced. Whenever I have printing or copying needs...I like everyone else head to the library where it is more economical (.10 cents per page).

Thirdly, I have missed three episodes of my soap opera that ends next week. My mother told me just to imagine what happened.  I did not devote six months of my time to imagine anything, I want to see it live and in person.  That is never going to happen with my low Internet speeds, even when we had Time Warner Cable, it would buffer continuously.

I went to Walmart and attempted to use my tablet to watch it there but it told me that I did not have that programming on DISH.  Called DISH, called Telemundo and I still can't watch anything. Where is my TWC (tall weathered cowboy) to help me deal with all this technology?

On a more positive note, it was warm yesterday and it will be warm today.  Went by Tractor and Supply to pick up more food for the critters and the young man that checks me out and then puts the bag in my vehicle remembered me and said: "this time it took longer for you to come, had not seen you in a month".  I just smiled at him, with my CRS...I have no idea when was the last time I came!

Stopped to wash my car and was going to fill-up but I think I will wait a couple more days and see if the price comes down some more.  It was at $2.13 per gallon in HEB.  Monday we went to San Antonio and Hondo, Texas had the best price at $2.04 per gallon for regular unleaded.

Heard from three people yesterday, that I had not heard from in a while...have not decided if that is good or bad in particular from two of them...I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop. There is a saying in Spanish "Piensa mal y acertaras" that more or less translates to "think the worst and you will be on the right path". Sorry, that is the pessimist in me coming out.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Where is the closest library after the one you use that is closed? I fooled around with the Verizon Jet Pack with 5gb a month for several years, and would hate to go back to that. Sorry about your tele-novela. Once you get hooked you want to keep up with it.

    1. We only have one library in Del Rio, the closest library is located in Brackettville, Texas in Kinney County 30 miles west of here.

      I had an AT&T jet pack back in 2014 but I could only get at the most two bars from mother's house. Lucky for me AT&T let me out of my contract.

  2. You wrote: "think the worst and you will be on the right path". Sorry, that is the pessimist in me coming out.

    I can understand that on a day when most things didn't go right and that Mexican saying is a winner on a day that went like you had!

    mañana será mejor! (Modern technology, not my knowledge of Spanish :-)

    1. I agree...mañana será mejor! Thank you Rob.

  3. I spent 230 bucks on a phone I can't even answer! Going back to a flip phone.

    1. Hey girl, how are you doing?

      Sorry to hear about your phone. I sure miss my $5.00 Tracfone :(


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