Terlingua Dreams

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A welcome taste of Autumn

Woke up at 4:45 a.m. to heavy rain pounding my bedroom window and some strong winds.  As much as I wanted to continue my Terlingua Dreams had to get up to check the kitchen for leaks before they became my Del Rio nightmare.

I guess I got up too quick and my head started spinning...darn it all...just when I thought my problems with Vertigo were a thing of the past! On the positive side, it only lasted for a little while.

So glad to report that there were no leaks.  Opened the door to let some fresh air in and it was actually a little cool, it felt wonderful even though it will only last for two days.

This month I have to go get my labs done and then go see the doctor so I am being really really good and sticking to my diet.  Just as I was going to fix me some horrible oatmeal which I had just opened yesterday, I noticed black ants inside the packaging....grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

It's funny because I had just commented on Gypsy's blog how I had gotten rid of my ants and all of a sudden they decided to show up.  Did they come in for comfort food and to get away from the cool temperatures?  Guess I will put it out for our neighbor's free-range hens who frequent Mom's property.

While I am currently happy with Spectrum through whom I have TV, Internet, and telephone service I had no idea that when they ported my mother's telephone number it would do away with her name and be in mine.

A new low was reached today...home flippers are calling the house now that the telephone is in my name.  I do not know why but I thought they would somehow slow down after Harvey...guess not :-(

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. No leaks is a positive, sometimes you have to focus on that. I'm sitting in a small, crappy laundromat where 3 of the 6 driers may actually work. With luck I'll have clean work clothes tonight!
    Focus on the positive!
    Please enjoy both days of your Autumn :-) !

    1. I walk a tight rope on the positivity issue kind of 50/50 like your odds at a working drier.

      I am very much enjoying my two Autumn days :)

  2. Enjoy the cool. We are having cooler weather too, and it looks like it's here to stay for a while. I would like to have a land line phone because I don't hear as well on a cell phone, but when I got the land line I counted about 21 sales calls in the first 2 hours! They just kept coming and I finally realized it wouldn't stop. Now I understand I should have gotten an unlisted number (which costs extra).

    1. Mother made it clear to me that I could only port her number if it remained a landline, she too has hearing issues with cellphones.

  3. The photograph for this post is WONDERFUL. Glad you are surviving.

  4. Time for a SPURS corner soon. Hopefully a regular part of your posts again. Looking forward to your thoughts. Personally I am liking what I am seeing and its all under the radar as usual! That's the way we like it. IPIT.

    1. Andy, would you believe I have not had a chance to watch a single Spurs game?

      I only get the score on my cell. I think I might have to upgrade my programming but a league pass is kind of expensive. I may just have to hear it online now that I have decent internet.

    2. I haven't watched anything either. Opening nite is on KENS-5 but I have housepests coming over and probably won't get to watch. Bill Schoening on 1200 radio is fine with me and I follow stats online. I've learned how to enjoy w/o the visual since I am too stubborn to pay cable any more. Can also watch ESPN and TNT games via laptop so only missing FS1 games.

      Go SPURS Go!

    3. Back in the day when I was a Rockets fan, I got pretty good at visualizing games that I heard over the radio.

      My life was very busy then and I never even entertained signing up for cable when I did not even have time to watch regular TV.

      Thanks for giving me options will look into watching the games broadcasted on ESPN and TNT online.


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