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Terlingua Dreams
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Saturday, February 25, 2017

I am becoming a habitual law breaker :-(

Well, folks, it happened again!  In the past six months, I have been pulled over three times, twice by the Val Verde County Sheriff's Department and once by DPS (Department of Public Safety) in Terlingua.

About four years ago I was pulled over by the Del Rio City Police for an expired inspection sticker, that marked my downfall.  It had been about twenty years since I had been stopped and living in Houston, Texas none the less.

We have had beefed up patrols for which I am very thankful for as people speed like crazy here in the county.  I just did not figure to be part of those people.  I was pulled over for going 32 in a 25 mph zone.

He was a young and very pleasant officer who after quickly eyeballing the inside of my vehicle inquired where I was headed.  I guess because I have yet to unload my car from our trip to San Antonio.  Thankfully, I only received a warning.

Have I learned from all of this?  You bet I have.  The time I was stopped for presumably not coming to a complete stop, what we commonly refer to in Texas as "A New York stop"...I now count to ten...then I proceed, no matter how many cars are in the back of me honking. That time I also escaped with a warning.

When I was pulled over for allegedly speeding on my second trip to the Chili Cook-Off this past November and given a hefty fine...I also learned my lesson.  I now arrive in San Antonio the day before, book a hotel room and go the speed limit or five miles lower.

My question is how many warning does one get before they write me a citation?  Did not think it would be prudent to ask this young officer, so will have to find out on my own.

Now for a complete change of topic.  I had been wanting to purchase a Yeti tumbler in order to keep my beverages warmer or colder on my multiple trips out-of-town.  Since I am frugal (actually Billy Bob told me I squeak, lol) I decided to purchase a Walmart Ozark Trail 30 oz tumbler which is much cheaper.

I have mainly used it for hot drinks like coffee but I had the opportunity to use it to pour the beer I purchased when we were in San Antonio as I was getting ready to watch a Spurs game.  Yes, I know it is silly for a middle age woman to sneak a beer in a tumbler so her mother won't yell at her...but you don't know my mother!

Well, this motel did not have Fox Sports Southwest nor Telemundo so I did not get to watch the game or my soap opera but I sure enjoyed a very cold beverage as I watched CNN.  On our way back home I decided to fill up my tumbler with ice cubes just to see how long they would last.  I forgot about it and it wasn't until I was stopped that I happen to remember my experiment.  Would you believe I still had unmelted ice cubes?  It was 93 when we arrived and yesterday it was in the 80's.  It earned the Terlingua Dreams seal of approval.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.