Chili Cook-off 2013

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A new Academy

Last Thursday I got a mailer saying that Academy was having the grand opening of their Eagle Pass store on Friday October 17th.  At first, I was a little green with envy as I am a firm believer that Del Rio with the Amistad National Recreational Area and all the hunters that converge here would make an excellent location for the store.

Then I got happy because Academy is one of my favorite stores especially during Chili Cook-off time and driving to Eagle Pass beats driving three hours to San Antonio.  Besides they included a $10.00 coupon and I considered that gas money.  Speaking of gasoline prices they were a lot higher in Eagle Pass than in Del Rio.

There were a lot of people there.  Usually that highway does not have much traffic but there were a bunch of cars many with State of Coahuila ( I presume from Ciudad Acuna) license plates all headed there.  Was funny when we all turned in to the same parking lot :D

Had been a while since I had been to Eagle Pass and it has certainly grown by leaps and bounds.  It is obvious the oil activity in the area has contributed to said growth.  They are even getting a new Walgreens :(

For you city folks an Academy or a Walgreens is no big deal but to us in these parts of the state it is a big event.

Eagle Pass has a Popeye's something we don't have in Del Rio as well as a Lowe's.  Was going to go back and eat there but spotted a Luby's and decided to have lunch there instead.

I am a little behind on my postings both here and in Walter's blog but the WIFI is kind of slow this afternoon and it has taken me quite a while just to post this.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.