Terlingua Dreams

Saturday, March 28, 2015

I am going to have to do some thinking...

Mother was getting anxious and scolded me for not leaving to my doctors appointment on time.  Have I mentioned she is super punctual?  Actually both of my parents were, though dad took it to extremes.  Back in the 60's he would make us arrive at the airport four hours early...he was ahead of his time!  Ok, I will stop rambling and get back to the story.  I arrived 2 minutes before my appointment.

I have so much experience under my belt at doctor's waiting rooms that I knew I would be in for at least an hour's wait.  Waited an hour and a half before I was called and then 30 more minutes in a very cold room until she made her appearance.

Just like I thought she put me on blood pressure medication as the readings were high. I know I have to get it under control or I could have a stroke like dad did.  She prescribed the same medication I used to take but 5 mg's higher but warned she would probably have to up it but wanted my body to be able to accept it at this lower dosage.

Since I do not have insurance, I am considered "self pay" and I had to fork out $95.00 for this visit.  Mind you she is not a doctor, she is a nurse practitioner as my doctor can not see "new patients" until June. I have not seen him in three years, so I am considered a new patient.  However, I do not remember paying these high consultation prices three years ago :-(

She wants to see me in three weeks, when I imagine I will have to pay another $95.00 bucks.  The only saving grace was that the medication only cost $4.00 dollars.  Do I want to dish out all this money every month when I can not even see the doctor?  Will have to do some serious thinking.

For those new to my blog, I tend to go into detail as this is also my Cyber Journal and I tend to reference it a lot.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Spurs Corner

It was wonderful to be able to pull a win at home and even up the score against Dallas.  The game had its moments but I guess us fans are used to it or we would not be able to savor it.

I was having reception problems with the radio signal so ended up hearing it in my car. However, Pedrito and Ralph did not appreciate me ignoring them or my screaming :)