Terlingua Dreams

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Duck Tape – A Fix All

Now that I no longer have any looming tax deadlines, life seems to have slowed down some for me.  Today I took down the tent shower I put up a couple of weeks back, cleaned it and patched up its battle wounds with what else but Duck Tape one of the best inventions ever.

This shower is a veteran of many chili cook-offs and because of its flexibility did not suffer the same fate as my newer one, which succumbed to the fierce Terlingua winds of last year.

Need to put up the first tent I ever owned so I can transfer everything I have in the canvas tent in order to take it down and prepare it for its annual trip to South Brewster County.  Wish my Terlita (camping van) was still running so I could get a head start in loading it up.

Why would you want to load it up when you still have two weeks to the cook-off you may ask?  I have back problems and I am not able to lift a whole lot of weight or over-exert myself without having to pay a dear price for it.  The last thing I want is to be in pain when I really want to be having the time of my life.

I cannot load the car at this time as we still have an out-of- town doctor’s appointment, I  need to take the car in for servicing and I have yet to decide whether or not I want to go to Houston before or after Terlingua.

Speaking of Terlingua dreams…on two different occasions I have dreamt that I get to my campground but I have forgotten to pack my tent, my beer and my clothes!  Then I tell my friends that I have to go back to Del Rio after having just arrived…talk about a nightmare!

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Had to laugh about that dream,,,nightmare?

  2. You must be related to Red Green of the Red Green Show. He used duct tape to fix or redesign anything. I loved that old show.

    1. I am not familiar with Red Green but he sure sounds like an interesting person.

  3. I use a fair amount of duct tape myself. That and bailing wire and of course all the good stuff rednecks swear by.

    1. Had to admit I had to google bailing wire!

      Have been wanting to ask you about a post you did a few months if not years back about a brand of batteries that you were able to use on your solar lights and were able to get them to recharge.

      With my CRS it is hard to keep things in the memory bank :D

  4. Rayovac Alkaline AA batteries. I'd figure the other sizes could be slow charged to, but never tried it. I never tried them on a fast charger, but the small solar panels on the outdoor lights work fine.

  5. Thank you so much for the info Tffn :)


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